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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2007

Jubilee Research

About Us

This site hosts the work of Jubilee Research @ NEF - the international debt and finance programme of the highly respected, radical think-tank, the New Economics Foundation (NEF), London. NEF was established 15 years ago, emerging from the first alternative economic summit held at G7 meetings - TOES, or The Other Economic Summit.

Jubilee Research is building on the work of the hugely successful Jubilee 2000 (see below) debt cancellation campaign, and in particular its reputation for providing up-to-date, accurate research, analyses, news and data on international debt and finance. We will maintain Jubilee 2000's tradition of distilling, analysing and de-mystifying economic concepts and information; and communicating in ways easily understood by campaigners.

We are not just an economic think-tank. We are a think-and-do tank. We encourage our readers to undertake advocacy and campaign action.

The Jubilee Research programme is led by Ann Pettifor, co-founder, and for five years, director, of Jubilee 2000 Coalition UK. Ed Mayo, executive director of NEF, worked with Pettifor as chair of Jubilee 2000 UK for the duration of the campaign. They now work together through Jubilee Research to support debt and economic justice campaigners worldwide; and to integrate ecological debts into negotiations around debt cancellation.

The Board of Jubilee 2000 UK named what is now Jubilee Research @ NEF (and for a period of transition was Jubilee Plus) as an official successor organisation. Jubilee Research continues to work closely with the campaigning groups around the world which have taken over the mantle of the Jubilee 2000 campaign. In the North, these groups include the UK's Jubilee Debt Campaign ( http://www.jubileedebtcampaign.org.uk/ ) and Jubilee USA ( http://www.jubileeusa.org/ ) In the South, a network of Jubilee 2000 campaigns has coalesced behind the Jubilee Movement International (JMI). Information on JMI and a list of JMI members worldwide can be found on the JMI homepage on our site.
Jubilee Research @ NEF is committed to challenging financial globalisation by:

  • advocating 100% cancellation of the unpayable and uncollectable debts of developing countries;
  • promoting a framework of justice and discipline for relations between sovereign debtors and international creditors. The primary vehicle for this would be an international insolvency process (the Jubilee Framework - outlined in our report "Chapter 9/11? Resolving international debt crises - the Jubilee Framework for international insolvency");
  • democratising the international financial activities of sovereign governments and multilateral institutions, making them more transparent and accountable to citizens;
  • highlighting environmentally sustainable policies for financing development;
  • advocating the repayment of the north's ecological debts to countries of the south;
  • critiquing IMF-imposed structural adjustment policies which, by imposing deflationary economic policies, help to transfer assets from sovereign debtors to international creditors. IMF policies elevate the rights of foreign creditors over those of citizens, and remove policy autonomy from sovereign governments;
  • developing policies for financing development in a more self-reliant way, without recourse to dependency on foreign donors and creditors;
    We can be reached at info.jubilee@neweconomics.org

Our address:

Jubilee Research

at the New Economics Foundation (nef)
3 Jonathan Street
London SE11 5NH
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 20 7820 6350.
Jubilee 2000
Jubilee 2000 grew from small beginnings to become an international campaign that brought great pressure to bear on G7 leaders to "cancel the unpayable debts of the poorest countries by the year 2000, under a fair and transparent process". By the end of the campaign, 24 million signatures had been gathered for the Jubilee 2000 petition, the first-ever global petition. There were Jubilee 2000 campaigns in more than 60 countries around the world. G7 leaders had committed to writing off $100bn of poor country debts, and debt had been pushed on to the global political agenda. (For more information on Jubilee 2000, see the Jubilee 2000 report on this site: "The World Will Never Be the Same Again").

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