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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2007

Renting Rims

The Decline of Western Civilization

At first I had a hard time figuring out how such economically challenged parents were able to afford such fancy rims on their cars. I watched the school parking lot of a poor school with very poor students as parents pulled up rolling on thousands of dollars worth of wheels. "That's where the money goes," I thought. I happen to know that some of these students don't have computers or even books at home. But their daddy has blingy wheels. Nice.

Check this out, folks: Rent-A-Wheel. You don't need credit. Just a job. Care to take a guess where they place these stores in the cities in which they franchise? Care to guess what the interest rates are? Am I blaming this company for something? Nope. Read my last entry about McDonald's. They're just filling a need brought on by a lack of good priorities in a part of our culture. We'd all be better off with fewer flashy rented rims and more books.

And we only have ourselves to blame.
posted by Paul Ippolito

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