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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2007

resources overconsuming

Overconsuming anything - food, water, oxygen or material goods - will have and adverse affect sooner or later. Our society is addicted to consuming goods; are you?

Silly Things People Do and Buy
Do you buy things you already have?
Turn Off the TV
Turn off the TV, turn on to real life. It will save you money.
Activism for Frugal Folks
More information here: The world's longest garage sale, hang your clothes out in protest, stop telemarketing, protest against advertising in schools...
Dealing With Temptation
The problem is easy to see; it's the solution that's difficult. You can't hide from all forms of temptation. It's just not feasible in our society.
Let's buy them again, so we have something to throw away. We have to keep the landfills overflowing, don't we? And what about the economy? Gotta keep buying, buying, buying...
Frugal Protests and Campaigns
Living frugally can be a cause, just as much as freeing the slaves was, or abortion or war or any of the things that bring citizens out to act upon their opinions.
International Buy Nothing Day
History and explanation of International Buy Nothing Day, a day started by Kalle Lasn against overconsumption.
Keeping Up With the Joneses
Keeping up with the Jones's (whoever they are) will make you as poor as they are!
Kids and Commercialism
They advertise to your kids because they're more vulnerable.
Lather, Rinse and Repeat? Consumerism in Action
Do you buy the advertiser's methods along with their product?
Make Your Money Last Longer
We have to learn how to find and use what we already have. By Donna Watkins
Oniomania - Dangerous Level of Consumerism
Compulsive shopping is a disorder to be treated, not encouraged.
Save Karyn? Why?
For most of us, the response is easy. Get off your duff, work harder, do without your toys and expensive makeup and new clothes and eating out. And pay your own bills.
Resisting Advertising
Resisting advertising, a frugal look at the manipulation of planned consumerism
Supply and Demand
It's not hard to see where it leads us. Once we become convinced that we need one thing, someone (a competitor) has to dream up another thing and convince us that we need it... and the wheel keeps turning.
Three Quarters of a Gallon
Downsized products makes shopping frugally harder. Don't be fooled!
Does anybody ever fall for this stuff? I admit (with some embarrassment)... well, read it for yourself.
Turn Off the TV
Entertainment from a tv is too often only a commercial trying to get us to buy something we don't need.
Unlearning For Frugality's Sake
Conventional wisdom" only means things that have worked before. Before is in the past, this is now, and now is different from the past.
Waste Not... The Cost of an Affluent Society
Waste not, want not? How an affluent society treats the problem of donated food and the hungry.
Who's a Faker?
How much do you really own, and how much do you pretend you own?
Deteriorating Retail Ethics
Ken McIsaac speaks of the many ways big business pulls the wool over the eyes of their customers. Keep your eyes open and you'll see the same things.
Too much consumerism is an illness. Do you have it?
All Consuming Passion
'Waking up from the American Dream'- statistics that will probably shock you. Consumerism is consuming America.
Galloping Greed Consumes Us
Suzanne Elston paints a picture in words about the ugliness of consumerism and explains the reasoning behind "Buy Nothing Day."
Just the Facts
"Just the facts" about marketing and advertising to our kids is quite an eye opener.
Myths that Keep Americans in the Hole
Myths... or lies? Here's a hard look at what "they" want us to believe.
Overcoming Consumerism
This is a full and interesting site about how consumerism affects our daily lives and what to do about it.
Underthrowing the System
Madison HOURS, a local currency/community, isn't an unattainable ideal. Here is how it works.

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