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Rabu, 07 Mei 2008

monkey on the back


In the name of Allah SWT, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

This is a writing from me

Thanks to my God-given-consciousness. Thanks to God Almighty, The Exalted and Might, full of Wisdom.

but [the man] is not ready yet. [the man] should pay all his burgeoning "debt first". Unnecessary debt? I don't know. I hope it has some good, useful, necessary meaning. [referring to myself] should use what he has. All he has.

Peace be upon our Nabi ya karim SAW.

I really do hope I won't fall into this kind of "debt". Something I feel I don't need at all. Useless secular. I cannot blame anyone or anything. but myself. But the blame is not an end in itself. Movement, Cycle, Scheme, Course of life. I am in it. What's holding your back? No one likes monkey on their back. I got a big one. Monkey. Big monkey.

The dilemma is getting more serious as I move forward.
Get rid of the monkey or monkeys from your shoulder. Use your trick. Cleverness. Use your "gun". That magnum will do it. They won't stop till they "kill" you. So, we have to "kill" them first. And I will need help. I make a promise to myself, I will use all of my power to reach that highest ground after this: war against the monkey. And I mean all. And I mean it!

No more room for those monkeys. all monkeys. The big and the little silly monkeys.
I have done this kind of thing before. In a smaller scale. And I made it. Those monkeys cannot be forgiven. And they are not to be forgiven. No forgiving shall be given unto them.

Annas I. Wibowo

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