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Sabtu, 26 Juli 2008


  1. |Elitha-Eri Weblog| | Bukti Ilmiah Terbelahnya Bulan

    Mendengar paparan itu, ketua Al-Hizb Al-Islamy Inggris mengatakan, “Maka aku pun turun dari kursi dan berkata, “Mukjizat (kehebatan) benar-benar telah terjadi pada diri Muhammad Saw. 1400-an tahun yang lalu.

  2. A German Initiative to Bridge the Gap - IslamOnline.net - European Muslims

    Listen to Taris Ahmad, the representative of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, talking about the challenges facing German Muslims.

  1. Press TV - 'US blocks Bin Laden murder plan'

    some political analysts believe that the US is protecting Qaeda's leader to seek a justification for the so-called war on terror.

  2. Press TV - Iran: US set world record for Flight 655

    The US warship patrolling Iran's maritime territory killed all 290 passengers, including 66 children, and crewmembers onboard the Iran Air Flight 655.

  3. Press TV - Iran produces 'Quick Reaction' tanks

    Iran has successfully started the production of a 'Quick Reaction' tank named 'Tosan'.

  4. Iran: 'Iron fists' await aggressors

    "The US would have to suffer the consequences of attacking Iran because the era of hit-and-run operations has passed,"

  5. Press TV - 'Ahmadinejad target of Rome X-ray plot'

    The diplomat spoke out after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself said that he had been the target of an assassination plot during his landmark trip to Iraq in March and his aides spoke of a similar attempt in Rome.

  6. Press TV - UN investigator raps US justice system

    Alston described the US military justice system as 'troublingly opaque', and called for greater transparency.

  7. Press TV - US keeps mum on covert ops in Iran

    The New Yorker report also stated that American Special Forces have been conducting cross-border operations into Iran from southern Iraq since last year.

  8. Press TV - Iran's macro policies based on int'l law

    Iran's nuclear activities have been carried out in full accordance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) regulations. No diversion to non-peaceful aims have been mentioned in any of the reports issued by the Internatinal Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  9. Press TV - Iran ready for US 'War Resolution'

    Under the current program, government subsidies allow fuel to be sold at 1,000 rials (about 11 US cents) a liter. The quota is 120 liters a month for private vehicles. Since March, drivers have been able to purchase additional gasoline for 4,000 rials per

  10. Press TV - Ex-agent: CIA suppresses Iran's N-facts

    The former operative alleged in a 2004 lawsuit that the CIA fired him after he repeatedly clashed with senior management over his attempts to file reports that challenged then-conventional wisdom about weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

  1. Dalai Lama: Islam religion of peace

    Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has defended Islam as a peaceful religion saying it is totally unfair to call it a violent religion.

  2. Press TV - Israel prods Americans into war with Iran

    cavernous archives of Washington acts of aggression against sovereign nations, their countless years of meddling in Iran, their coup d'état against Mossadeq, their support for the oppressive Shah, their unapologetic downing of passenger flight 655, their

  3. Press TV - 'War threats against Iran unacceptable'

    Palestine coalition groups have dismissed Israeli-American threats against the Islamic Republic as a violation of peace in the region.

  4. Press TV - India: waging war on Iran unacceptable

    India says any US or Israeli military action against Iran would be totally 'unacceptable' and should be denounced by the world.

  5. Press TV - Iran slams powers over world poverty

    "The egoistic and oppressive policies of world powers have caused far worse problems for the global economic system than there were before the collapse of the Eastern Block,"

  6. Press TV - Hurricane FEMA's aftermath in New Orleans

    While the US government, the benevolent keeper of the world, spends millions of dollars each minute on spreading democracy by the sword, thousands of its citizens still suffer from the effects of a terrible disaster nearly three years after the Aug. 29, 2

  7. Press TV - 'The US is not a republic anymore'

    During the last 7 or 8 years of the Bush regime, they've got rid of the Bill of Rights, they've got rid of habeas corpus. They have got rid of one of the nicest gifts that England ever left us when they went away and we ceased to be colonies - the Magna C

  1. Press TV - 'Reward offered for Rice's arrest'

    students also plan to make a formal complaint to police seeking to have Rice arrested for what they claim are violations of the Geneva Conventions for her role in the Iraq war.

  2. Press TV - Western media mislead public on Iran N-case

    We are not reducing our cooperation with the IAEA. In fact, this meeting between (the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Gholam-Reza) Aghazadeh and the IAEA Director General (Mohamed ElBaradei) was very constructive and useful.

  3. Press TV - Obama prince of bait-and-switch

    Barack Obama is the American Blair. That he is a smooth operator and a black man is irrelevant. He is of an enduring, rampant system whose drum majors and cheer squads never see, or want to see, the consequences of 500lb bombs dropped unerringly on mud, s

  4. Press TV - Taliban winning war of words?

    It also questions the effectiveness of the US-led air strikes considering the civilian casualties and damage to public support they cause. Last year, insurgency-related violence claimed 8,000 people's lives, a record high since the US-led invasion of the

  5. Press TV - Iraq's war costs nearing Vietnam's

    The total cost of the Iraq war is approaching the Vietnam War's expenditure, while spending for military operations after 9/11 has exceeded it.

  6. Press TV - Sheehan: US political leadership corrupt

    When Sheehan was asked about Iran's nuclear issues, she replied that Iran is a sovereign country that is entitled to peaceful nuclear energy for civilian purpose, whereas US and Israel are countries in possession of nuclear arsenals.

  7. Press TV - NBC to air Ahmadinejad interview

    On Wednesday, Ahmadinejad said the US decision to send an envoy to the Geneva nuclear talks is a sign of respect for Iranians.

  8. Press TV - US lawyer seeks to sue US over Iran threats

    In addition, by Iran submitting this entire matter to the World Court, it would make it clear to the entire world who the real culprits are here.

  9. Suara-Islam.com Natsir Ikon Penentang Sekularisme

    osok Mohammad Natsir patut menjadi contoh bagi pemuda-pemuda Islam, karena begitu gigihnya beliau menentang arus sekular yang penuh dengan hedonisme.

  10. The house of Khilafah1924.org - AKAR SEJARAH PEMIKIRAN LIBERAL

    Soekarno dan Hatta sebenarnya bukan pahlawan dan bukan teladan yang baik bagi bangsa Indonesia yang mayoritas muslim. Keduanya hanyalah bagian dari kelompok sekular di negeri ini yang hakikatnya tidak melakukan apa-apa, selain melestarikan ideologi penjaj

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