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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 5

Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 5
Bombing Accusing Islam Bombs 5
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The 2005 Haditha massacre in Iraq is a vivid example of this. After a US marine was killed in a roadside bomb, US soldiers blinded by hatred went on a rampage killing 24 Muslim men, women and children.

Only the Khilafah will truly eradicate torture

Firstly, the Muslims should expose the violent, barbaric and inhumane foreign policy of the ‘civilised’ colonial powers that have destroyed nations, states and people; left millions to starve for the sake of securing capitalist interests, appointed and protected oppressive regimes that suppress the will of their people; plundered resources of the lesser developed and invade lands with brute force, terrorising the local civilian people with indiscriminate policies of killing, imprisonment, rape, ‘carpet bombing’; razing whole villages and towns into the ground; and forcing the people to adopt their life-styles, values and political structures. What right do such people have after witnessing the implementation of such a wicked and brutal foreign policy with their own eyes – in South America, Africa, Palestine, Afghanistan and more recently in Iraq, from the various credible news sources – to even begin laying a criticism against Jihad.

Clarifying the meaning of Jihad

TIME Magazine
Monday, Mar. 24, 1924

When Turkey went to war against the Allies in 1914, the most dreaded weapon in her armory was the threat of the Jehad or Holy War—power to declare which was vested in the office of the Califate. Dutifully the Calif pushed the button. Nothing much happened. The Jehad did not prevent the British Moslems and the French North African troops from fighting against the Central Powers, nor did it hold back the Arabs from declaring their independence and fighting as Allies of the British in Palestine. The Jehad proved to be a "dud" shell; but when the Grand National Assembly at Angora abolished the Califate and sent the Calif, Abdul Medjid, to Switzerland in exile (TIME, March 10), the dud proved to be a bomb. The reverberations of the explosion still resound throughout all Christendom as well as the Moslem world.


The Siege of Palestine: A Slow Excruciating Death
Eight months have passed since Israel started its latest round of massacring Muslims in Gaza. Although the bombs have stopped falling - and the media has stopped paying attention - the Massacre in Gaza continues. However, instead of bombs, Israel is using a deadly siege to squeeze the life out of the people of the area. For example, as the people cannot access building materials, they must use tents as makeshift shelters. As filmed in a documentary aired by the UK's Guardian, fathers must stay up all night to protect their family and children from being eaten by wild animals! As any objective observer would clearly see, the true brutality in Palestine lies in the day-to-day reality of being occupied by Israel, which includes waiting hours upon hours at checkpoints, watching helplessly as Israel comes in and bulldozes one's homes, watching in horror as the Israeli army uproots olive trees (which is often the only source of sustenance one has), or being subject to house raids in the middle of the night. As was documented by in the news show "60 Minutes", Israeli troops can arbitrarily take up residence in a Muslim's house and use it as a temporary post of operation.

Repercussions of Destroying the Khilafah

These rulers have committed far more heinous crimes against the Muslims than simply issuing empty resolutions. Western colonialism put in place a motley crew of dictators, monarchs, autocrats and downright puppets that have served their colonial masters in a manner more loyal than their own populations. Successive rulers have betrayed the interests of Muslims. With their brutality and lack of self-respect seemingly having no limits, the Muslim rulers are falling over themselves in an attempt to please. For example, Qatar today hosts the largest airstrip in the Middle East, to be used exclusively by the US Air Force to bomb Muslim lands and control the skies of the Middle East. Bahrain, which previously hosted the naval forces of the British Empire, now serves as the base for the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. Almost every nation in the Muslim world today has facilitated the military aims of the various colonial at some point. Present day Pakistan, in a clear contradiction of General Musharraf’s own motto of “Pakistan First”, is engaging in a war with his own people whilst compromising the sovereignty of the country in allowing US troops to act with impunity. Deploying his powerful military not to defend Muslims from aggression, he has made the Pakistani Armed forces nothing more than mercenaries. They are forced to act as mercenaries by the regime for some paltry economic aid for a corrupt government whilst the blood and honour of their brothers and sisters is violated on a global scale. Due to these tyrannical rulers the armies of the Muslim world have been held back, shackled to their bases, unable to come to the aid of their brethren in Chechnya, the Balkans, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else that conflict rages.


The Muslim world has indeed seen destruction, devastation and calamity for the past 83 years. However, the signs of awakening for the return of the Khilafah are now clear for all to see. The proof of this can be seen in the growing gulf between the rulers and the ruled; the speeches and Khutbahs in universities and mosques throughout the Muslim world that call for a sincere and rightly guided Khaleefah to lead the Ummah; witness the mass demonstrations against the bombing and killing of innocent Muslims by US and UK forces in Karachi, Jakarta, Hebron, Dhaka and other places; the increasingly brutal methods and oppression that the regimes are forced to use to quell the desire for political change such as in Egypt and Uzbekistan. It can also be seen by the actions of the colonial powers who realise that the rulers they imposed upon the Muslim world have no support and no legitimacy, hence they are forced to resort to occupying Muslim lands and cementing their presence through military bases. The global reawakening for Khilafah can also be seen in the desperate and pathetic attempts by the regimes and their scholars, who they have bought for a cheap price, to malign, slander and attack the idea of Khilafah. They lie by saying that the Khilafah cannot be established in the modern age, that Islam and politics do not mix, that sectarian differences are too great, that the western powers are too powerful and that the Ummah of Muhammad Saw. can never be unified. All of the efforts of the enemies of Islam will be in vain for Allah Swt. has promised the believers that the Khilafah will return on the method of the Prophet and there is no power or might other than Allah Swt.

3 March: Dark days for the Ummah since the destruction of the Khilafah

Russia continues to follow an independent route and employ policies that demonstrate this such as its view that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organisations despite numerous US resolutions to the contrary. Russia has signed a deal with India to develop a stealth fighter as well as various military pacts. Its Middle East tours, position it as an alternative superpower to the US which is supplemented with its observer status in the Arab League and Organisation of Islamic conference (OIC). Russia continues to use its relations with Iran as a means to frustrate US plans on imposing sanctions against Iran. Russia plans to spend over $200 billion in the next 5 years to modernise its military.1 This includes new nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, a fleet of TU-160 supersonic strategic bombers and the development of a fifth generation fighter jet. Such production is also leading to Russia ornering the arms industry; Russia is the largest supplier of arms to China, Iran, and Venezuela and is courting the Middle East.


The US has forced Pakistan, through an international campaign of propaganda, to carry out bombing campaigns in its own territory. This has resulted in a very questionable bombing campaign taking place in Pakistan were innocent civilians are regularly being killed in retaliation. Zardari has used this as a justification to target militants thus aiding the US when it has been unable to halt the insurgency it faces in Afghanistan. The US has used various carrots and sticks to get Pakistan to play the role of regional surrogate. Slowly but steadily, Washington is tightening the noose around the neck of Pakistan - civilian and military – and forcing them to make strategic choices. Major General Ashfaq Nadeem, the top commander of the 2009 Swat Valley offensive, said that most of the leadership of the Swat Valley Taliban has simply relocated to Karachi and South Waziristan.7 Pakistan could cut a deal with the Tehrik-i-Taliban; this would suit both parties; it would however be against US aims. The actions of Zardari’s government are in no way dealing with any of Pakistan’s real issues, they are implicitly placing Pakistan in an even more perilous position and weakening her in the face of US demands.

2010 will indeed be crunch time for Pakistan. Gripped by a bombing campaign, an economy in disarray, with some provinces looking for secession and an army at odds with the civilian government, Pakistan will, in all likelihood, see the US increase its presence in the region, which will include more troops and the challenge of supplying such troops. It should be borne in mind that the ultimate aim of the US in the Muslim world is to prevent the emergence of any major power; Khilafah or otherwise. US intervention in the Muslim world has never been to achieve any ultimate settlement – even though the rhetoric may have said so. US aims are to prevent stability in areas where another power could possibly emerge.

Strategic Estimate 2010

Adnan Khan

g. Cultural insensitivity

In both wars the aggressors used heavy handed tactics including indiscriminate bombing and a complete lack of understanding of the local beliefs and customs making it easy to recruit for domestic opposition forces. In both wars the infamous US “body count” of enemy killed was popular although recently General Stanley McChrystal has suspended it in Afghanistan.


Secondly, even if it is argued that Al-Qaeda exists in the border regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan (according to Prime Minister Gordon Brown three quarters of the most serious plots facing the UK have links to Pakistan) [2], then what are NATO troops doing in Kabul or Herat or in Mazhar-e-Sharif. If Al-Qaeda is on the Pakistani side then presumably the responsibility to deal with them lays with the Pakistani security services. Even then according to Prime Minister Brown the numbers of foreign fighters based in the FATA area of Pakistan, learning bomb making and weapons skills only rank several hundred [2].

Who is Bombing Pakistan?

This unchecked influx of American personnel and equipment has prompted at least one former director of the ISI, as well as a number of other defence related Pakistani commentators to allege that the US, through operatives such as those affiliated with Xe, is the culprit behind the wave of terrorism that has gripped Pakistan in the last few months [6]. This wave of bombings erupted following the Pakistani military’s latest and most large scale foray into South Waziristan launched in October 2009. Pakistan’s major cities have been gripped by random and devastating bombings that have resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths. Although those reported in the Western media tend to be the spectacular bombings in which dozens or, as in some cases, over a hundred at a time are killed, the fact remains that bombings on a smaller scale persist across the country on a daily basis.

Bombings have struck markets and busy streets in Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi and numerous smaller towns and even villages across Pakistan. After each incident, the government has promptly issued declarations linking the bombings to the Taliban, or the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or an amalgamation of these and others, or just terrorists which demonstrates how speculative the government’s operational information really is. This is despite a number of denials by the TTP of involvement in the worst of these atrocities [7]. The fact that the bombings have largely targeted Peshawar, and specifically large centres of population from FATA residing in Peshawar, have led many to question why Islamist militants from FATA, seeking to expand support for their stated ambition of establishing authority over FATA and NWFP en route to the rest of Pakistan, would randomly and repeatedly bomb the very people they seek support amongst. Such questions have led observers to speculate that in fact it is highly unlikely to be the case that the Mehsud tribe, which forms the bulk of the leadership cadre of the TTP, is waging a bombing campaign against Pakistani society.


Many politicians in Pakistan blame the bombings upon Indian covert operations in Pakistan. They allege that evidence exists which implicates Indian operatives in Baluchistan and FATA in the ongoing bombings. They allege that the government is trying to cover up these facts so that it can use the bombings as a reason to continue to push further through North and South Waziristan in operations undertaken through strategic subservience to America’s regional ambitions.

Others allege that the bombings are orchestrated through the activities f individuals affiliated with Blackwater (Xe) or the CIA more directly. They speculate that these attacks are undertaken to generate support across Pakistan, particularly NWFP and Punjab, for the continuation of unpopular military operations by the Pakistani army in FATA. Some others suggest that the bombing are actually punitive strikes carried out at the behest of the US as a result of Pakistan’s resistance of US demands to expand Pakistani military operations across FATA.

It has to be borne in mind that incidents of bombings have been numerous and widespread across Pakistan. It must also be borne in mind that Pakistan is afflicted with a number of insurgencies, and faces violent Shia-Sunni clashes each year around the month of Muharram. In addition to this, there are a number of foreign states who, to varying degrees, seek to destabilise Pakistan through civil unrest and violence.

More so than any other factor, it must be understood that the absence of effective leadership of the state and protection of society will invariably lead to destructive foreign intervention in the state’s functioning and in society. Hence, the current wave of violence afflicting Pakistan, aside from the perpetrators who are mechanically responsible for the destruction, is ultimately the result of the absence of any effective overall leadership of the state, and the provision of any protection for society. The government has failed to demonstrate any initiative in any critical area facing the state, whether in the sphere of security and sovereignty, political stability, developmental and economic recovery, or social cohesion. It is evident that this failure is what has made it possible for an external entity to wage this bombing campaign.


The illusory economic enticements of alliance with America, which have since evaporated, were allegedly backed up by the proverbial big stick in the person of then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. In September 2006, it became public that the Bush administration through Armitage had threatened Pakistan by ‘bombing it back to the stone age’ if it did not extend the required support to the US in its campaign in Afghanistan [10].


Over 60% of Pakistan’s population live on less than $2 a day [1] and nearly a quarter on less than $1.25 a day [2]. According to the World Food Programme, 7.4 million Afghans – nearly a third – are unable to get enough food to live active, healthy lives, and 8.5 million, or 37%, are on the borderline of food insecurity [3]. Corruption is rife, demonstrated by the ongoing court cases in Pakistan looking into allegations of corruption at all levels. In a recent corruption assessment for 2008, Pakistan and Afghanistan were ranked 134 and 176 out of 180 countries respectively [4]. Misrule is the norm with some of Pakistan’s history being under non civilian rule. Afghanistan’s much lauded elections have been the subject of serious fraud and rigging allegations. To make matters worse, we are now witnessing the onset of violence on an unprecedented scale, both with American forces attacking targets in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the recent bombings across major Pakistani cities.


More recently, commentators shrink in horror at the prospect of Pakistan heading towards ‘balkanisation’ because successive recent governments have capitulated to US demands in the ‘war on terror’, and also because of the rise of bombings targeting civilian areas.

Afghanistan And Pakistan : The Unwinnable War

The Current Western Strategy For Afghanistan & Pakistan And an Alternative path For The Region

A Report From Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

Web: www.hizb.org.uk

A society where men and women are bombarded with a variety of sexual imagery at all times of the day whether on television, billboards, newspapers or magazines will lead inevitably to widespread sexual agitation.

Does Islam Oppress Women?

Lopa Hussain

Adnan Khan


Since Vladimir Putin become Russian President he has managed to gain a grip on the nation and counter US attempts to weaken Russia. Today Russia is rapidly developing without following the example of Western liberal democracy. Russia has opted to openly challenge the West as well as the US at practically every turn, whether by planting a flag on the seabed beneath the Arctic icecap, testing the massive ordnance air blast bomb or disputing the sitting of US early-warning defence systems in Eastern Europe, which it has managed to successfully halt for the moment. Russia has begun re-inventing itself as a regional power, after winning back Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from America’s grip and managed to reverse the colour revolutions. The US after nearly 20 years of having no rival is now facing the grim prospect of a challenge from a nation with the world’s largest gas reserves and substantial oil reserves.


Russia continues to follow an independent route, such policies include Russia’s continued position that it does not view Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist bodies despite numerous US resolutions to the contrary. Russia has signed a deal with India to develop a stealth fighter as well as various military pacts. Its Middle East tours, position it as an alternative superpower to the US which is supplemented with its observer status in Arab league and OIC. Russia continues to use its Iran card and the sale of the S-300 missile systems card to frustrate US plans on UN sanctions against Iran. Russia plans to spend over $200 billion in the next 5 years to modernise its military. This includes new nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, a fleet of TU-160 supersonic strategic bombers and the development of a fifth generation fighter jet. Such production is also leading to Russia cornering the arms industry; Russia is the largest supplier of arms to China, Iran, and Venezuela and is courting the Middle East.


The US brought Japanese expansion to a grinding halt by dropping nuclear bombs upon the nation, it occupied Japan with 500 000 troops, the threat of communist expansion however resulted in the US to develop Japan to be a model democracy with a flourishing economy. The US allowed the transfer of technology which greatly speeded Japans post war development and ever since Japan has concentrated on electronics and has becomes a leading exporter of technological products.

Constructing The Khilafah’s Foreign Policy

Adnan Khan

In the 1930’s Japan began a territorial expansion programme to solve the shortage of raw materials. It conquered Manchuria and surged deep into China to exploit labour and resources. Yet the situation with China quickly deteriorated and war broke out while tensions with the West were coming to a boil. The United States, concerned about its Pacific territories gave Japan an ultimatum to abandon its territorial acquisitions or face an oil embargo (at the time, the United States provided about 80% of Japan’s oil). Japan could either capitulate or lay claim to the vast resources of Southeast Asia. The latter option involved striking the Dutch and British, both US allies, and thus engaging in war with the United States. The Japanese made a gamble and pre-emptively attacked Pearl Harbour and as a result were then on the receiving end of US nuclear bombs.


What also needs to be accepted is that all the Superpowers for the last four centuries concentrated on manufacturing which ensured they became self-sufficient, not having to rely on any external nation. They all developed defence industries to be able to defend their nations and deter those who had designs on them. Hence Britain was the first to develop a naval marine industry and conquered the seas in the 18th century; Germany shifted the balance of power on the eve of WW1 by industrialising, developing the first fighter planes and building most of Eastern Europe’s railways. The US achieved world power status by developing the first nuclear bomb, its contribution in WW2 was what halted almost certain German victory. The USSR’s shift from agriculture to manufacturing is what made it compete with the US and today Chinese development is firmly rooted in manufacturing. The point here being without industry one cannot become self-sufficient, without industry one cannot defend itself and without industry one will always be at the mercy of foreign powers.


Iran’s air defence is also weak, its aircrafts are mainly second generation with the rest of the world constructing fourth generation jets. Iran’s air defence forces are the weakest link in the overall defence posture of the country. This situation will remain until the modernisation of Iran’s aircrafts occur where the numbers of such aircraft increase and the training of its pilots and depth of its repair parts inventory improve. The majority of the inventory of the replacements to its aging US manufactured fighters and fighter-bombers is a mix of Russian and Chinese aircraft. Iran remains vulnerable to attack from the air due to the poor state of its air defences.


The National Organization for Military Production within the Ministry of Military Production supervises a number of manufacturing plants, which were usually named after their location. These plants are:

- Abu Zaabal Company for Engineering Industries, which produced artillery pieces and barrels

- Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory, which overhauled and repaired tanks and would eventually become the producer of Egypt's main battle tank

- Al Maadi Company for Engineering Industries, which produced light weapons, including the Egyptian version of the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle

- Hulwan Company for Machine Tools, which produced mortars and rocket launchers

- Hulwan Company for Engineering Industries, which produced metal parts for ammunition, shells, bombs, and rockets

- Heliopolis Company for Chemical Industries, which produced artillery ordnance, bombs, and missile warheads

- Banha Company for Electronic Industries, which produced communications devices.


Iran’s principal mining industries are oil refining, petrochemicals, steel, and copper. Today there are nine refineries with a potential refining capacity of over one million barrels per day. In late 1980, Iraqi bombing forced the closure of the Abadan refinery, (for long the world’s largest oil refinery).


- Pakistan's is the first Muslim nation to develop a nuclear weapons development program. Based primarily, on highly-enriched uranium (HEU), Pakistan is believed to posses 30 to 50 nuclear warheads with thousands of centrifuges in operation. Pakistan has continued its pursuit of expanded uranium-enrichment capabilities and currently has 3 Nuclear reactors and two pressurised water reactors. A further two reactors are currently under production. Whilst Pakistan procured elements of the necessary technology from other states the development of such weapons of mass destruction means Pakistan has an indigenous programme, an atomic bomb requires enriched uranium, and to enrich uranium, machines called centrifuges are required – rapidly spinning tubes that are used to separate and concentrate isotopes in gasified uranium. Spinning at several thousand revolutions per minute, they rest on superb bearings, in perfect balance, in a vacuum, linked by pipes to thousands of other spinning units. When the process works, the gas ends up in a solid form, but any minute defect, and the product is decisively marred. The same is true of the other equipment required: tools, magnets, exotic steel, vacuum pumps, ball bearings and instruments of all kinds, all must be perfect. Pakistan has mastered this all.

Constructing an Industrialised Muslim World

Adnan Khan


The initial view in Islam is that in generality all objects are permitted. However, their use has been restricted as all actions require a Shari’ah evidence. Although Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are allowed in Islam, how they are to be used would require knowledge of the Shari’ah rule. ICBMs could be used for reasons ranging from legitimate deterrent measures to the illegitimate killing of innocent civilians. Islam permits the study and use of medicine, engineering, maths, astronomy, chemistry, physics, agriculture, industry, communications including the internet, and the science of navigation and geography. This includes what results from them such as industry, tools, machinery and factories. Also included in this would be industries, whether military or not, such as heavy industry (manufacture of tanks, aeroplanes, rockets, satellites, nuclear technology, hydrogen, electronic or chemical bombs, tractors, lorries, trains and steamships) as well as consumer industries and the manufacture of laboratory instruments, medical instruments, agricultural tools, furniture, carpets and consumer products such as the TV, DVD and Playstation etc. The point being illustrated here is that all objects we know of past, present and future are allowed without restriction unless Shari’ah evidence exists to definitively disallow it.

Islam in The 21st Century


Therefore, despite the sheer numbers of Muslims that dwarf other nations, the Islamic Ummah is ineffective even against the insignificant nations and even they take advantage of this. The Muslims are looted by whoever wishes to do so and whenever they so wish, due to the fact that the real forces of the Muslims sit idle in the barracks under the instruction of the insincere leadership and the only resistance that the aggressors face are boys, stones and slingshots against their tanks, missiles, helicopter gunships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, bombers and ground attack aircraft.


The First and Second World War claimed the lives of millions of people and confounded misery on the survivors. Two atomic bombs in Japan have annihilated over 3 million people.

Jihad and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State

Khilafah Publication

website: http://www.khilafah.com

The change in Pakistan’s leadership in 2008 did nothing to halt the economic crisis with the difference on this occasion being the number of problems it faces at the same time. The Zardari government continued for months to lie about seeking IMF funding. The IMF’s managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn on the 22nd October 2008 confirmed Pakistan had formally requested a bailout package. As IMF loans require US approval, Pakistan would need some understanding with the US with regards to the war along the Durand line. The Economic crisis suits the US fine as it is able to extract concessions from Pakistan – that include bombing inside Pakistan.


What also needs to be accepted is that all the superpowers for the last four centuries concentrated on manufacturing which ensured they became self-sufficient, not having to rely on any external nation. They all developed defence industries to be able to defend their nations and deter those who had designs on them. Hence Britain was the first to develop a naval marine industry and conquered the seas in the 18th century; Germany shifted the balance of power on the eve of WW1 by industrialising, developing the first fighter planes and building most of Eastern Europe’s railways. The US achieved world power status by developing the first nuclear bomb, its contribution in WW2 was what halted almost certain German victory. The USSR’s shift from agriculture to manufacturing is what made it compete with the US and

today Chinese development is firmly rooted in manufacturing. The point here being without industry one cannot become self-sufficient, without industry one cannot defend itself and without industry one will always be at the mercy of foreign powers.


47 'Pak's N-bomb prevented Indian retaliation after 26/11,' express India, May 2009, retrieved May 2009, http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Paks-Nbomb-prevented-Indian-retaliation-after-26-11/432730/

The Quest For Economic Progress

An Islamic Bluprint For Pakistan

Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

Therefore, for all these reasons, the state has to carry out by itself the manufacture of its own arms and everything it requires for its war machine and spare parts. This can’t be achieved unless the state possessed heavy industry and started to build factories that produce heavy industry, both the military and the non-military alike. Thus it is necessary that the state has factories for producing all types of atomic bombs, rockets, satellites, aeroplanes, tanks, spacecraft, mortars, naval ships, armoured vehicles, and all types of heavy and light weapons. It is necessary that it has factories which produce machines, motors, materials, and electronics and factories which have relation with public property and light factories which have relation with the military or war industries. All this is required by the duty of preparation that is obliged upon the Muslims by the saying of Allah :

“Make ready for them all that you can of (armed) force.” [TMQ Al-Anfal: 60]

The Ruling System in Islam

Hizb ut-Tahrir

Fifth edition

Khilafah Publications

Suite 298 56 Gloucester Road London SW7 4UB

website: http://www.1924.org

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Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 4

Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 4
Bombing Accusing Islam Bombs 4
Here is various quotations about Bombs Attacking Accusing Islam 4
Uzbekistan intensifies its oppression of Muslim women
Unabashed, Uzbek authorities have continued their arrest of Muslim women. Since the beginning of November, some 30 women have been arrested in the southern Uzbek city of Karshi, RFE/RL's Uzbek Service reports. Apart from arrests Uzbekistan recently banned women from wearing the hijab in schools and universities in the country's south, where Islamic activity is on the rise. Authorities also forbade women from wearing the head scarf during the country's Independence Day celebrations in early September, claiming that female terrorists could use the loose-fitting head scarf to conceal a bomb.

Views on the News - 18 Nov 2009

America to collapse in 2010
Russian Professor Igor Panarin says that events are continuing to confirm his doomsday prediction first made over 10 years ago, that the United States will completely collapse like the Soviet Union before the end of 2010, and warns that the chaos could begin to unfold in as little as two months. Panarin, doctor of political sciences and professor of the Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told journalists during the unveiling of his new book that President Obama has done nothing to forestall the fast approaching crisis. "Obama is "the president of hope", but in a year there won't be any hope," said Panarin. "He's practically another Gorbachev - he likes to talk but hasn't really managed to do anything. Gorbachev at least had been a secretary of a regional communist party administration, whereas Obama was just a social worker. His mentality is totally different. He's a nice person and talks nicely - but he's not a leader and will take America to a crash. When Americans understand that - it will be like a bomb explosion."

Views on the News - 4 Dec 2009

Ahmadinejad denies reports of Iranian efforts to test a nuclear trigger
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said a document apparently showing that Tehran plans to test a trigger for a nuclear bomb is a US forgery. In an interview filmed on Friday with ABC News, Mr Ahmadinejad said the report in the Times newspaper was "fundamentally not true". Mr Ahmadinejad said criticism of Iran 's nuclear programme had become "a repetitive and tasteless joke". The Times reported last week that it had obtained a document, dating from 2007, describing a four-year plan by Iran to test a nuclear trigger using uranium deuteride. The product can be used as a neutron initiator: the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion.

Views on the News - 24 Dec 2009

Zeital said:
With regards to a government waging a war against it own citizens, the trend is followed in Lebanon (after the Israeli bombardment in 2006) the army attacked its own citizens. Palestinian security forces since the so called ‘peace process’, carried out Israel’s bidding in repressing the Palestinian population. The regimes in the Gulf States repress there own citizens, discriminates against Shi’ah and workers (Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus) from the Indian Subcontinent. The Sri Lankan military massacres its own citizens whilst claiming to fight the LTTE. Turkey uses military force to stamp out the identity of other ethnic groups such as Kurds, whilst Russia tries to remove any presence of Chechnya. Similarly Georgia attempted its own ‘ethnic cleansing’ until Russia intervened.

VIDEO: Interview with Naveed Butt on the Swat offensive and the American Plan for Pakistan

Angela said:
please could you show the picture of the real masjid Al Aqsa instead of all reports showing the dome of the rock. I only found out 1 week ago that the real Al Aqsa does not have a golden dome. This is done so that muslims forget the Real Al aqsa.
Until a caliph is appointed for the muslims worldwide their can be no peace only oppression. we need to stop grouping and naming ourselfs into different sects and realise that all who pray to Allah should know Allah is the judge and not us. Remember united we stand divided we fall. DO NOT LET THE REAL TERRORISTS FOOL YOU with their illogical rhetoric. WHO is being bombed, where are the weapons from and WHY do mainstream media and governments fail to see the horrific attrocities being commited worldwide daily?

VIDEO: Tens of thousands call for Khilafah at Masjid Al Aqsa

The Muslims of Pakistan barely came out of the shock and grief of the merciless slaughter of the 17 children that once again women and children were trapped and targeted in a planned mass murder in Moon Market Lahore. A time bomb was detonated inside the shopping plaza and after a few seconds the second bomb went off outside the plaza to inflict maximum casualties of those escaping the plaza as well as who came to rescue the wounded. And today a whole building was erased to the ground in Multan with the help of two powerful bombs. These are the same devious tactics which America used to produce chaos in Iraq.
Today America is creating similar chaos and confusion in Pakistan to continue its war in the Tribal region. Everyone knows that this type of senseless bomb blasts only serve American interests. Prior to this we have already witnessed the carnage in Islamic University Islamabad and Peshawar's Meena Bazaar who's sole purpose was to provoke anger in the masses and build public opinion in favour for the American war.
Unfortunately, Pakistani rulers are providing all-out support to America in this bloodbath. The government is bending its back backwards to declare every bomb blast a suicide blast in order to exonerate American Secrete services and Blackwater in the eyes of the people. Furthermore, the presence of American arms depot in Sihala Police Training School and government's patronage and protection of the killers of Blackwater officials in Islamabad is clear evidence that America has full support of the Pakistani government.

VIDEO: O Muslims! For how long will you sit and watch your women and children blow-up to pieces?

Many see this as one of a series of measures the government is taking in Algiers and other cities to soothe Muslim sensitivities and isolate the militants who still carry out bombings and assassinations.
Rundown Boumerdes remains one of Algeria's most violent areas, with several killings and roadside bombings a week on average, blamed on Al-Qaida-linked militants.

As Algeria grows more Islamic, nightlife suffers

The bitter mistrust between the SPLA and their old enemies in Khartoum has already cost lives in Malakal. The town's muddy streets were pounded by heavy artillery and tanks in February when a day of fighting between the two sides left at least 60 dead. A school was bombarded, killing about a dozen children. The United Nations is now digging shelters for its staff in Malakal.

South Sudan faces new war over oil

TRIPOLI (Agencies)
The terminally ill Libyan convicted over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing arrived home from Scotland on Thursday after being freed on compassionate grounds despite U.S. anger over the decision.
But the release was immediately condemned by the U.S. government, which asked Libya not to give a "hero's welcome" to the Lockerbie bomber.
U.S. President Barack Obama said that the release of the dying Lockerbie bomber by the Scottish government was a "mistake" and that he should be placed under house arrest on return to Libya.
Justive vs mercy
" Our justice system demands that justice be imposed but compassion be available, our beliefs dictate that justice be served but mercy be shown "
Scotland Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill Scotland's justice minister announced Thursday that he had granted release on compassionate grounds to the Libyan man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, Britain's worst terrorist attack.

Lockerbie bomber home in Libya amid US anger

Since a major bombing of downtown hotels and shopping areas by Islamic radicals in 2003, and a thwarted attempt at another bombing campaign in 2007, there has been a major and ongoing crackdown on suspected extremists here.
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, especially active in Algeria, remains a major problem for Morocco, Mr. Mansouri said. Officials say it is appealing to the young and has recreated a training route to Afghanistan through Pakistan, and it just sponsored a suicide bombing in Mauritania.
Foreign Minister Taïeb Fassi Fihri said: "We know where the risks to our stability are. We know kids are listening to this Islamic song, so we have to act quickly."
King Mohammed, who celebrated his 10th year on the throne this year, has vowed to help the poor and wipe out the slums when radicalism is bred, called "bidonvilles." One such slum, Sidi Moumen, where the bombers lived, is being redeveloped. Half of it has already been ripped down, some 700 families shipped to the outskirts of the city, where they are provided a small plot of land at a cheap price to build new housing.
The king has tried to be more inclusive, traveling for instance to the north of Morocco, where his father had refused to go. The north is also a hotbed of extremism and home for many of the Qaeda bombers of Madrid. The king held a traditional ceremony of mutual allegiance, or baiaa, this year in Tetouan and highlighted significant development funds there.

Islamic Radicalism Slows Moroccan Reforms

New questions about the extent of the Government's involvement in the trade deals that led to the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, were raised last night with the revelation that an MI6 agent flew to Libya with former BP boss Lord Browne for two cloak-and-dagger meetings with Colonel Gaddafi.
Although Gaddafi agreed to hand over Megrahi for trial as part of negotiations to lift sanctions, oil industry insiders claim BP's attempts to win business were hampered by objections to the Lockerbie bomber's detention.
Jack Straw dropped plan to include Lockerbie bomber in prisoner transfer agreement 'because of oil deal with Libya'

MI6 agent joined disgraced BP boss in secret meetings with Gaddafi

Gordon Brown was accused of "double dealing" over the release of the Lockerbie bomber, after Bill Rammell, a Government minister, admitted that the Prime Minister had supported releasing Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi from prison.
It is the first evidence of Mr Brown's stance on the decision by Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish justice minister, to release Megrahi on compassionate grounds eight years into a life sentence for the murder of 270 people on the bombed Pan Am flight 103. Megrahi is suffering from terminal prostate cancer.
The claims, made public in letters and other documents relating to the release of Megrahi, will raise pressure on Mr Brown to make a public statement on his position. It is also likely to infuriate families of victims of the 1988 bombing.
Opposition parties said the dossiers raised further questions about trade links with Libya and the medical evidence used to justify the bomber's release.
But the most controversial documents were the minutes suggesting that the Prime Minister sympathised with the terminally-ill bomber's plight.
The justice minister cited reassurances given to the US that the bomber would serve his sentence in Scotland, but three months later released the bomber on compassionate grounds.
The Justice Secretary had initially agreed to a Scottish request for the bomber to be excluded from the PTA.
The Scottish justice minister said the bomber had just three months to live, but it emerged last week that only one of the doctors involved in the case believed this was a "reasonable" estimate.
However, Mr MacAskill yesterday refused to publish the assessments of the individual consultants who had seen Megrahi, saying the bomber was entitled to patient confidentiality.

Gordon Brown accused of 'double dealing' over Lockerbie

The US and Britain were angered recently by the "hero's welcome" Tripoli gave Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the former Libyan agent who was freed by Scotland last month from a life sentence for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people.
The British government has denied the claims and said it released al-Megrahi, the only person convicted over the bombing, on compassionate grounds as he is dying of cancer.

Libya marks 40 years of Gaddafi

Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, wanted over a deadly hotel bombing in Kenya in 2002, was killed in a helicopter raid along with al-Shabab fighters on Monday, according to unnamed US officials and Somali sources.
He was wanted for questioning in connection with the car bombing of an Israeli-owned beach resort in Kenya which killed 15 people and the near simultaneous attempt to shoot down an Israeli airplane leaving Mombasa airport in 2002.
The US military has launched several air attacks inside Somalia in the past against individuals blamed for the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Shabab to avenge US raid in Somalia

The Islamist group killed scores of people during 2007 and 2008 in suicide attacks and car bombings, mainly along Algeria's Mediterranean coast.

US arms Mali to battle al-Qaeda

According to witnesses, clashes broke out on Thursday after fighters launched mortar bombs at the city's international airport, as Sharif Ahmed, the country's president, flew out of the country.
Clashes are said to have broken out after opposition fighters fired mortar bombs at the president's plane, triggering a response from African Union peacekeepers.

Deadly clashes shake Somali capital

MOGADISHU (Agencies)
Somali Shabaab rebels Friday denied in a statement any involvement in a suicide bombing that left some 19 people, including three ministers, dead at a medical student graduation ceremony.
" We have heard about that tragedy from the media. On behalf of the Shabaab, we are not in anyway involved in that incident "
Sheikh Ali Mohamud RageHe put the blame for the attack on the Somali transitional government, which lost three of its members in the bombing.
abshabs said:
It was only recently that we read the intentions of the US goverment to use blackwater style companies in Somalia. The recent Bombing of a Graduation ceremony where 3 TFG ministers lost their lives along with 19 others mostly medical graduands and their lecturers is a clear indication that they have implemented their threat.
we know the hypocrisy of the west, where they do abominable things just to blame it on muslim resistance fighters. This not a new phenomenon for them as they have done Bombings in Afganistan, pakistan and Iraq before. Not only these places but many other parts of the Muslim world.
Fortunately, the muslims have learnt of their tricks and will never believe that such things are done by muslim resistance fighters and this kind of western hypocrisy will only give more support to such resistance fighters. No muslim in his normal senses will believe that Alshabab or Hizbul Islam, as much as they do other unpopular things will do such a heinous act as the bombing of university graduation ceremony.
However much TFG will claim that Resistance fighters did, no one will believe them.

Somali rebels deny responsibility for bomb attack

Yemen, also facing separatist sentiment in the south, was thrown into focus after the failed attempt to bomb the U.S. passenger plane on Christmas Day.

Somalia's Shabab pledges to help Yemen's Qaeda

Sheik Abdullah el-Faisal is being expelled from Kenya because of his history of being involved in terrorist activities, Kenya's immigration minister said. Britain has said that Faisal's teachings heavily influenced one of the bombers who carried out the 2005 transport network bombings in London that killed 52 people.
Internet postings purportedly written by a Nigerian man now charged with trying to bomb a US airliner on Christmas Day referred to Faisal as a cleric he had listened to. The posting was made in March 2005 under the name "farouk1986.'' The suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was born that year. Officials have not verified that the postings were written by Abdulmutallab, but details from the posts match his personal history.
He later toured widely in Britain preaching and selling audio tapes of his sermons. The British government has said he was a key influence on Jermaine Lindsay, who was involved in the London bombings.

Muslim cleric stuck in Kenya after visa requests are denied

There are also allegations of US-sponsored bomb plots in the capital.
The bombings will be carried out in order to create a pretext to launch a campaign against Al-Shabab, a spokesman of the group, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Rage, told Reuters.
"We have discovered that US agencies are going to launch suicide bombings in public places in Mogadishu," he told reporters. "They have tried it in Algeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan... We warn of these disasters. They want to target Bakara Market and mosques, then use that to malign us."
Blackwater/Xe mercenaries plan to carry out bombings in Mogadishu in order to accuse Al-Shabab of being the culprits in the attacks, the Al-Shabab spokesman added.
He went on to say that the Blackwater/Xe mercenaries have already recruited many lackeys to help them carry out bombings targeting prominent individuals and innocent civilians.
Nizamul HUda said:
Go forward boss, This is the right way to understand the conspiracy and present in front of ummah.Then ummah will be aware about the western plan to decoy Islam as a way of life.They r tryin to destroy the confident of muslim in islam.So, that they plan to bombing here and there and say these r the activities of muslim groups who r tryin to reestablish Islam as way of life.They claimed and propagated that we ,muslims r the terrorist and militant.So fear islam as a way of life.For these propagation and conspiracy,now a days muslims r hating islamic groups.They create division among ummah .So,we have to understand clearly that they r our enemy and we should unify ourselves.Only The system of Islam ,i.e. Khilafah can make ummah unified and stong against all this conspiracy and intellectual attack.So, we everyboby should vocal for khilafah and work to reestablish Khilafah as a way of life.
So it is a open invitation for all to come under the shade of islam and to establish khilafah.Allah will grant us help and victory soon.jzk

Blackwater/Xe mercs arrive in Somalia, Al-Shabab says

El-Faisal once served four years in a British jail for inciting murder and stirring racial hatred by urging followers to kill Americans, Hindus and Jews. British authorities say his teachings also heavily influenced one of the men who carried out the London bombings that killed 52 people.

Radical cleric en route to Jamaica

"Give me a little credit, this is not a list of targets of New York," she said. "I was never planning to bomb it. You're lying."

My children were tortured, this trial is a sham: Aafia

This is one of the things the enemies of ISLAM do hoping they will get salvation in their beliefs and not to forget before they go on their killing spree they have their priest also making special prayers. The enemies of ISLAM also inscribe different religious insignia's for their good luck on dirty bombs; what about that? These dirty bombs are still used daily in Afganistan and Pakistan to cause the worst damage possible and destruction of MUSLIM lives of whole villages destroyed in the blink of an eye and all this goes on relentlessly with the aid of lakey muslim rulers who has sold their lives to the devils. No wonder they never do anything to get rid of them from their soil nor do they have any
say because they are afraid of their lives as long as they live in luxury and riches to the detriment of the poor.

Muslims demand withdrawal of rifle sights with Biblical references

At least six police officers have died and another 16 wounded in Dagestan, in Russia's North Caucasus, after being targeted by a suicide car bomber, according to local police.
Shamil Guseinov, the city's police chief, said the bomber detonated his explosives at the gates to the police station after police stopped him from driving through.
A similar bombing in a neighbouring republic in August killed 24 people and injured more than 200.
In that attack, a man succeeded in crashing a bomb-laden van through the gates of the police station in Nazran, Ingushetia.

Police killed in Dagestan attack

ETIM, a shadowy group that advocates an independent Islamic state for Uighurs, is seen by the Chinese authorities as the principal security danger in the region. Accused of a failed bomb plot on a Chinese airliner last month, the organization "is the preeminent threat to the Beijing Olympics," says Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research in Singapore.

Uighurs struggle in a world reshaped by Chinese influx

THE hunt for a nest of female suicide bombers in Chechnya led an elite group of Russian special forces commandos to a small village deep in the countryside. There they surrounded a modest house just before dawn to be sure of catching their quarry unawares.
Andrei, who was badly wounded in the war, said he took part in the killing of at least 10 alleged female suicide bombers. In a separate incident he had a wounded female sniper tied up and ordered a tank to drive over her.
As the war raged, Chechen terrorists launched suicide attacks against civilians in the Moscow metro and at a rock festival. In 2002 a gang including 18 female suicide bombers seized more than 800 hostages in a Moscow theatre, 129 of whom died when the Russians pumped poisonous gas into the building on day three of the siege.
September 1999
About 300 die in apartment bombings in Russia, blamed on rebels. Putin sends troops back into Chechnya
May 2004
Pro-Moscow President Akhmad Kadyrov killed by bomb

Russian death squads ‘pulverise' Chechens

The spate of bombings, mass arrests and gunfights in Tajikistan over the past few months connected to militants fleeing the increased fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan has caught the attention of the international community. "The European Union is highly concerned about the situation in Pakistan and its reflection on Tajikistan," said Ambassador Pierre Morel, the E.U.'s special representative in Central Asia, at a news conference in the Tajik capital Dushanbe on July 14. "We support the current politics of [Tajikistan] directed towards the eradication of armed terrorist groups and drug traffic to [the country]."

How Afghanistan's War Is Spilling into Central Asia

Last Friday, a double suicide bombing killed four police in the Chechen capital Grozny.
And earlier this month in neighbouring Ingushetia, 20 people were killed in a bomb attack on the police headquarters.

Russian president in Chechnya over islamist concern

And suicide bombings, ominously, have returned to Chechnya after a pause of several years. Two militants blew themselves up Friday morning to escape capture, making it a total of three suicide bombings in the region in just the past week.
Then, on June 22, a suicide bomber swerved into Mr. Yevkurov's motorcade, releasing a blast so powerful that the president's car flew off the road and into a brick wall. Mr. Yevkurov, gravely wounded, was evacuated to Moscow and spent most of the summer recovering.

Chechnya and Its Neighbors Suffer a Relapse

Uzbek authorities blamed this year's Andijon explosions on suicide bombers. Heading into the several days of celebrations, officials are eager to prevent a fresh wave of violence.
Multiple bombings in February 1999 targeting government buildings in the Uzbek capital left 16 people dead and over 120 injured.
In July 2004, deadly suicide bombings targeted the U.S. and Israeli embassies.

Fatal Shoot-Out Rocks Uzbek Capital, Despite Tight Security Measures

This tiny Muslim republic, swept up in kidnap, torture, arbitrary killings and suicide bombings, is the new front line in Russia's struggle to contain a growing anti-government insurgency in the North Caucasus.
The murder rate has risen from 96 in 2006 to 250 so far this year. An oppressive atmosphere cloaks Ingushetia as tanks and troops guard fortified checkpoints along main roads, trying to spot suicide bombers.
A policeman fired several shots when The Times approached a checkpoint after a car failed to stop outside the town of Nazran. The police station is a wreck after a suicide bomber killed 21 people and injured 138 last month.

Russia uses tough anti-terror tactics in tinderbox Ingushetia republic

The Spiritual Centre of Muslims of Ukraine (DTsMU) is based in the Donbas, where it was founded in 1994 by the alleged Volga Tatar gangster Akhat Bragin (aka "Alik the Greek") who was killed by a bomb in the football stadium of his club, Shaktar Donetsk.

Who are Muslim Crimean Tatars?

Nevertheless, in the last three years, Russia has been flexing its oil-fed muscles from the Arctic to the Indian Ocean. Putin initiated a $250 billion military modernization; resumed naval patrols along the coasts of North and South America; and ordered Russian strategic bombers to resume worldwide patrols, clearly aimed at challenging American military superiority.15 He welcomed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the SCO summits, including right after the bloody and contested presidential elections of June 2009, and has supported Iran's bid to join the SCO as a full member, something China may oppose. All this leaves Kazakhstan in a tight spot, engaged in a three-way balancing act between its two powerful neighbors and the world's superpower, while seeking to play a greater role in regional security arrangements.

Kazakhstan: Israel's Partner in Eurasia

Most experts agree that the regimes of Central Asia are living on borrowed time. As the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray told me: "with the Western support to the brutal regimes, we are creating a time-bomb of discontent in Central Asia. And because the West is backing the dictatorships that discontent will take an anti-Western turn".

Islam Karimov & Co are the ones radicalising Central Asia

Arun Kundnani, of the Institute of Race Relations, contacted the officer and said he was told that officers had visited nursery schools. Mr Kundnani added: "He did seem to think it was standard. He said it wasn't just him or his unit that was doing it. He said the indicators were they [children] might draw pictures of bombs and say things like ‘all Christians are bad' or that they believe in an Islamic state. It seems that nursery teachers in the West Midlands area are being asked to look out for radicalisation. He also said that targeting young children was important because they would be left aware of what was inappropriate to say at school. He felt that it was necessary to cover nurseries as well as primary and secondary schools. He said it was a precaution and that he wasn't expecting to come back with a list."

UK: Terror police to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation

The Police Service of Northern Ireland say such plots - including carbombs prepared and ready to explode - or now a regular feature of their work.
In November, 400lb bomb was planted outside the Policing Board's headquarters in Belfast.
Security sources say that if the device had exploded, it would have caused deaths and injury on a scale greater than that seen in the 1998 Omagh bombing.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland has also urged shop owners to regularly check their businesses for firebombs over the Christmas period.

MI5: More terrorist plots from Irish Republicans than Islamic extremists

One of 12 cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, it depicted the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.
Al-Shabab, meaning "the lads" in Somali, is on US foreign terror list
Youth wing of Somalia's Union of Islamic Courts that once held sway
Re-emerged after UIC ousted by Ethiopian troops in late 2006
Accused of al-Qaeda links and trying to topple interim government
Accused of Dec '09 suicide bomb on Mogadishu doctors' graduation
Blamed for 2008 stoning of 13-year-old Somali 'gang rape victim'

Danish cartoonist intruder shot

AARHUS, Denmark -- Kurt Westergaard is in hiding from Islamic militants who want him dead. Now, the Danish cartoonist says he's ready to part with the source of his travails, a small ink sketch of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.
Some Muslims here want the bomb-in-a-turban drawing destroyed. Salah Suleiman, an activist in a mosque that helped whip up the fury over it in early 2006, delights in the artist's troubles and says no amount of money can save him from God's wrath: "He is living like a rat.... He is living in hell already."

Price of Notoriety: Sketch That Roiled Muslims Is for Sale

Danish cartoonist attack suspect 'targeted Hillary Clinton' Several of the drawings were seen as linking Islam and its revered prophet to terrorism and suicide bombings, with Westergaard's cartoon showing him wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb.

Norwegian newspaper reprints Prophet Mohammed cartoons

On one hand, the home secretary's move could be viewed as good housekeeping. In the aftermath of the 7th July bombings, Tony Blair warned that "the rules of the game are changing." One of his first public acts was to proscribe the Saviour Sect and Al Ghurabaa-other incarnations of Al Muhajiroun. There was plenty of justification for such a ban. For many years Al Muhajiroun's leader Omar Bakri Mohammed, his deputy, Anjem Choudary and the rest of his lackeys were thought to be nothing more than attention-seeking clowns who lived off the dole. The real problems were thought to be elsewhere-at the Four Feathers youth club where Abu Qatada sermonised, and at the Finsbury Park Mosque, where the hook-handed Abu Hamza held court. However, after the arrest of the Crawley bombers cell in the spring of 2004, it became startlingly apparent just how much Al Muhajiroun's network of support, mainly through its offices in Pakistan, had helped create and train homegrown terrorists. The most pertinent example is that of Mohammed Siddique Khan, the leader of the 7th July plot. He had learned how to make explosives in an ad-hoc camp set up by Al Muhajiroun's British and American members in the hills of Pakistan.

A boost for radical Islam

Police discovered 54 home-made explosive devices including nail bombs and a booby-trapped cigarette packet, as well as 12 firearms.
Although Gavan, 39, did not have a clear target for his weaponry police found a list of names, addresses and personal details of four people at his home, including that of a woman who had featured on a documentary on the July 7 bombings as a neighbour of one of the bombers.

BNP member builds arsenal to attack muslims

Fears about radicalisation of students have re-emerged since the failed airline bombing carried out by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day. He had studied at University College, London.

LSE tutor says he is victim of McCarthyite witch-hunt over Hizb ut-Tahrir membership

The London student Islamic society where the Detroit aircraft bomber was believed to have been radicalised is to host a series of talks by speakers with links to extremism and alleged terrorism.
The UCL Islamic Society was previously chaired by the Detroit bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who security sources say began his journey to radicalisation during his time as a student in London.

UK: Speaker with extremist links to address Detroit bomber's former student group

There have been growing concerns about the radicalisation of Muslims in Britain. The failed Detroit bombing on Christmas Day was carried out by an al-Qaeda-inspired extremist who had studied in London.

UK: Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks

Homegrown militants with links to al-Qaida carried out suicide bombings in Istanbul in 2003, killing 58 people. The targets were the British consulate, HSBC bank and two Jewish synagogues. In 2008, an attack blamed on al-Qaida affiliated militants outside the US consulate in Istanbul left three assailants and three policemen dead.

Turkish police arrest 120 al-Qaida suspects

The threat of a terrorist attack has been raised to "severe" amid fears that al-Qaeda is planning a wave of attacks following the Detroit bombings.
Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab, who tried to set off a bomb in his underwear, has warned his FBI interrogators that up to 20 "more like me" may be preparing further attacks.

UK: Terrorist attack is "highly likely" security services say

The British-born Muslim student, from Alva in Clackmannanshire, was jailed for eight years for a string of terrorism offences in October 2007, which included possessing bomb-making instructions.
The trial in Glasgow in October 2007 heard that Siddique told fellow students that he sympathised with al-Quaida, wanted to become a suicide bomber and that his target would be central Glasgow. He also shocked classmates at the city's Metropolitan College with horror pictures of terrorist beheadings.

Scotland's first Islamist terrorist was victim of a miscarriage of justice

Three Palestinians are killed and others wounded in heavy Israeli air strikes on the Gaza borders with Egypt, a day after Israel accused fighter groups of launching dozens of mortar bombs into the Jewish state, Al Arabiya correspondent in Gaza reported.

Israeli strikes on Gaza kill three Palestinians

After the Navy destroyer Cole was bombed in Yemen in 2000, the United States embarked on a similar effort. In addition to focusing on counterterrorism operations, the State Department helped finance projects like a health clinic on the rugged highway between the capital, Sana, and Marib, a town in a remote region where Qaeda forces are known to cluster.
Ms. Bodine, who was posted to Yemen at the time of the Cole bombing, said that even with the increased commitment, American aid was still overly skewed toward military support, much of it covert. Over time, she said, that could undermine Yemen's struggling democracy.

U.S. Has Few Resources to Face Threats in Yemen

He said the recent spike in bombings in Baghdad had renewed accusations that unreconciled elements of Saddam's Ba'athist party were involved and aspired to be an "irredentist force within Iraq". Jenkins said: "If you look at the history of Iraq, of military coups in Iraq, you have to think that is always a real possibility in the future. But where we are at the moment is much better than we thought it would be, back in 2004-05."

Iraq military coup a possibility, ambassador tells Chilcot inquiry

A bomb blast has killed a university professor in the Iranian capital, Tehran, state media has reported.
Massoud Mohammadi, a lecturer at Tehran University, was killed on Tuesday in the north of the capital when a remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle went off, media reports said.
He said it was unclear who might have been behind the bombing.

Bomb blast kills Iranian professor

The four were detained several weeks before Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian enrolled at a different language school in Sana'a, made his attempt to detonate a bomb aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

British Muslims detained in Yemen claim they were tortured in prison

Jordan has long been one of America's closest allies in the region but only recently have Jordanians discovered how close to home the War on Terror is being waged. A suicide bombing last month at a CIA base in Afghanistan, perpetrated by a Jordanian double agent - and targeting, along with seven CIA officers, a fellow Jordanian - has put the country on the international terror map.
In his opinion, the Jordanian Government was "absolutely on the wrong side" by helping the Americans. The sentiment is shared by many devout Jordanian Muslims, especially those of Palestinian origin, such as Humam al-Balawi, the CIA suicide bomber, according to Rohile Gharaiheh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. "The ones who joined the jihad did so because of the Palestinian issue, but it can also affect Jordanians because they don't know where their Government sends their sons," he said, referring to al-Balawi's recruitment by the Jordanian intelligence service. "The Government is making these terrorists; the Government is trying to please the Americans."

Jordanians question alliance with US after Humam al-Balawi's CIA suicide bombing

The United States may be on the verge of involvement in yet another counter-insurgency war that, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, may make a bad situation even worse. The attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight by a Nigerian and apparently planned in Yemen, the alleged ties between the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre to a radical Yemeni cleric, and an ongoing US-backed Yemeni military offensive against al-Qaeda have all focused US attention on that country.

Yemen left with little wiggle room

After USD 1.6 billion damage to Gaza's economy during the three weeks of relentless Israeli bombardment this past January, Palestinians in the Strip strive to survive under a siege that prevents any imports and exports. According to statistics, the unemployment rate stands at 44% in the war-wreaked enclave.
The probe also found that Israel violated international humanitarian law in several ways. Dozens of Palestinian policemen were killed at the start of the Gaza onslaught when Israel bombed their stations. The security agents were not involved in hostilities and should have been treated as civilians. Additionally, the Palestinians were forced to walk ahead of Israeli soldiers as they searched civilian neighborhoods.

Israel considering new military attack on Gaza

A bomb has exploded near a convoy of cars carrying Israeli diplomats in Jordan, without causing injuries.
"While cars, including two Israeli Embassy cars, were travelling near the town of Naur on the road between Amman and the Jordan Valley a bomb exploded without causing casualties or damage. The cars were not damaged by the blast," Nabil Sharif, the information minister, said.
Al-Shamyleh added that it was unknown what kind of explosives or bomb was used as yet.

Blast near Israeli convoy in Jordan

Concern about the growing capabilities of Yemen's al-Qaida offshoot increased after the failed attempt to bomb a US airliner shortly before it landed in Detroit on Christmas Day. US investigators say the Nigerian suspect in the failed attack told them he received training and instructions from al-Qaida in Yemen.
Dr Q A said:
What I find amazing is how conveniently the Xmas attempted bombing was found to be linked to Yemen... Even though the person is a Nigerian and was flying from Amsterdam... It is interesting how the US finds a reason to justify butchering a people and then calling it all self defence...

Yemeni clerics warn of jihad if US sends troops

The bilateral relations took a mortal blow after Israel brought the Gaza Strip under heavy aerial, artillery and naval bombardments at the turn of the year.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan later criticized the international community for seeking to incriminate Islam while Israel was committing war crimes in Gaza.

New Turkish film on Israeli war crimes

Iran has often warned it would retaliate for any attack on its nuclear facilities, which the West suspects form part of a drive to develop bombs. Tehran denies the charge.
Iran, the world's fifth largest oil exporter, says its nuclear work is aimed at generating electricity, not making bombs, but its failure to convince world powers about the peaceful nature of its work has led to U.N. and U.S. Sanctions.

Iran vows to hit Western warships if attacked

Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the Dec. 25 failed bombing of a U.S.-bound plane in an audio tape Al Jazeera television said on Sunday was of the Al Qaeda leader.
Mubarak was referring to bombings in tourism centres, such as the deadly attacks on the resort of Sharm el Sheikh in 2006.

Egypt to quash Islamic militant groups - Mubarak

The government of President Hosni Mubarak, whose predecessor was gunned down by militants, has clamped down on youths viewed as potential militant recruits since a bomb killed a tourist in 2009 in Cairo. It was the first such attack since 2006.

ANALYSIS - Egypt Islamist arrests highlights militancy fears

KHAR: Around a dozen militants and personnel of the paramilitary Frontier Corps were killed in aerial bombardment by US warplanes and subsequent attack by a joint ground force of Nato and Afghan National Army on Pakistani post on the Pak-Afghan border at Bajaur Agency here on Wednesday.
"Three US tanks were also destroyed in the attack and several US and ANA soldiers were killed," claimed Zabihullah. US forces later resorted to aerial bombing of the border areas and killed around a dozen militants.
Taliban sources said several militants were injured in the daylong bombardment by US warplanes and gunship choppers. Bodies of militants and Afghan police personnel could not be retrieved and were still lying there as the bombing continued the whole day, they added.

12 killed in Nato attack on Bajaur

Karachi had until recently been spared the worst of the bloodshed, then on December 28 a bomb ripped through a procession of Shia Muslim worshippers, killing 43 people and turning their holy day of Ashura into a bloodbath.

Seven killed in explosion in Karachi

Defne Bayrak, the wife of bomber Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, said in an interview with The Associated Press that his hatred of the United States had motivated her husband to sacrifice his life on Dec. 30 in what he regarded as a holy war against the U.S.

CIA bomber's wife: Jihad must go on

The suicide bomber who killed eight people at a US base in Afghanistan said he was carrying out the attack in response to the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the Pakistani Taliban leader killed by a US drone.
Mehsud was the leader of the Pakistani Taliban umbrella organisation, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, and was blamed for numerous suicide bombings and other attacks in the country.
The attack in Khost was the worst single loss of life for the CIA since the bombing of the US embassy in Beirut in 1983.

CIA attack 'revenge for Mehsud'

"In fact we're seeing more large-scale bombings and attacks in Pakistan than we've ever seen and with a very large casualty count," he said.
The bomber, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, appeared posthumously in a video broadcast Saturday, vowing to avenge Baitullah Mehsud's death.
Pakistan's unpopular president, Asif Ali Zardari, says the drone attacks undermine the nation's consensus against militants as it struggles with bombings that have killed nearly 3,000 people in less than three years.

US drone war delivers results, but at what price?

In this scenario, Pakistan would probably try to return to its earlier strategy of containing and even accepting the presence of the Pakistani Taliban in its tribal areas, resorting to force only if suicide bombings in its major cities continued.

UK highlights Pakistan Islamisation

Seven CIA employees were killed and six wounded in Khost on Dec 30 when a suicide bomber associated with Al Qaeda exploded a bomb inside a US base.
US officials later identified the bomber as Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, a Jordanian national with links to both Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
Mohammed Naseer said:
yes because they are flown from Pakistani bases, supplied by fuel from Pakistani refineries, loaded with bombs supplied via Pakistani logistics chain, and target intelligence provided by Pakistani intel.

Drone attacks intensified after Khost blast

The US has increased drone attacks in Waziristan since a suicide bomber crossed over Pakistan's border and killed seven CIA employees in an attack in eastern Afghanistan on December 30.
A video was later released showing Hakimullah Mehsud sitting beside the CIA bomber, a Jordanian double agent, creating the impression that his group played a major role in the second biggest attack on the CIA in its history.

Pakistan drone attack 'kills many'

"The solution is to win them onto our side, not to bomb them with airstrikes." Otherwise, he warned: "If we continue with this military operation we are facing a catastrophe."

Pakistan should talk to the Taliban: Imran Khan

In a counterterrorism journal, published by America's West Point military academy, he documented three incidents. The first was an attack in November 2007 at Sargodha in Punjab, where nuclearcapable F-16 jet aircraft are thought to be stationed. The following month a suicide bomber struck at Pakistan's nuclear airbase at Kamra in Attock district. In August 2008 a group of suicide bombers blew up the gates to a weapons complex at the Wah cantonment in Punjab, believed to be one of Pakistan's nuclear warhead assembly plants. The attack left 63 people dead.

Elite US troops ready to combat Pakistani nuclear hijacks

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, told the AFP news agency that 20 bombers were involved in the attacks, claiming that the intended targets were the presidential palace and the ministries around Pashtunistan Square.
However, as the bombings came to end, it was clear security had not been breached at most government buildings.
'Suicide bombers'
Farhad Paiker, an Afghan journalist, told Al Jazeera that a suicide bomber had hit a shopping centre.
"A suicide bomber in a car came towards the foreign ministry. Security forces tried to stop it and it hit a shopping centre," he said.
Later a car bomb exploded near another shopping centre, close to the education ministry.
A security source was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying that a suicide bomber had killed "several police and intelligence officials".

Taliban attacks Afghan capital

WASHINGTON - Since the suicide bombing that took the lives of seven Americans in Afghanistan on Dec. 30, the Central Intelligence Agency has struck back against militants in Pakistan with the most intensive series of missile strikes from drone aircraft since the covert program began.
"For the C.I.A., there is certainly an element of wanting to show that they can hit back," said Bill Roggio, editor of The Long War Journal, an online publication that tracks the C.I.A.'s drone campaign. Mr. Roggio, as well as Pakistani and American intelligence officials, said many of the recent strikes had focused on the Pakistani Taliban and its leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, who claimed responsibility for the Khost bombing.
These concerns only heightened after the attempted Dec. 25 bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner. While that plot involved a Nigerian man sent by a Qaeda offshoot in Yemen, intelligence officials say they believe that Al Qaeda's top leaders in Pakistan have called on affiliates to carry out attacks against the West. "There's huge pressure from the White House on Blair and Panetta," said the former C.I.A. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of concern about angering the White House. "The feeling is, the clock is ticking."
After the Khost bombing, intelligence officials vowed that they would retaliate. One angry senior American intelligence official said the C.I.A. would "avenge" the Khost attack. "Some very bad people will eventually have a very bad day," the official said at the time, speaking on the condition he not be identified describing a classified program.
The strikes, carried out from a secret base in Pakistan and controlled by satellite link from C.I.A. headquarters in Virginia, have been expanded by President Obama and praised by both parties in Congress as a potent weapon against terrorism that puts no American lives at risk. That calculation must be revised in light of the Khost bombing, which revealed the critical presence of C.I.A. officers in dangerous territory to direct the strikes.

C.I.A. Deaths Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes

He has since lived in constant fear of assassination. First the Taliban planted a bomb inside the mullah's mosque. He removed the crude device and took it to a nearby field to detonate. Days later the Taliban fired mortars at his home, blowing out the windows.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai urges West to buy off the Taliban

Compare the treachery of Al-‘Alkami to that of the rulers over the Muslims today. The Muslims are being tricked into making peace with Israel through the actions of the rulers, many of whom have publicly already made their peace, like Mubarak of Egypt, Abdullah of Jordan and Arafat of Palestine. The result of this treachery is the continual existence of Israel and the betrayal and bloodshed of the Muslims in Palestine who live as oppressed prisoners under Israeli rule. What did these leaders get in return from the enemy? Bankrupt economies, social deprivation, absence of political will, the perpetual fear of Israeli aggression and a Muslim Ummah that has recognized their treachery and work to remove them from power. As for the example of Musharraf, he attempted to convince the Muslims of Pakistan the benefits of allowing America to bomb the Muslims in Afghanistan for economic benefit, the easing of sanctions and a say in the formation of a new government in Afghanistan. What did Musharraf get in return for his services to America? The economic benefits promised by America are insignificant in dealing with the total debt that Pakistan is servicing and linked to the harsh structural adjustment policies of the IMF that seek to place the vital economic resources in the hands of private foreign investors and institutions whilst placing further hardship upon the Muslims of Pakistan. Politically, Musharraf was ‘shocked' to discover that the Northern Alliance had entered Kabul with the permission of America, though America had agreed to halt the Northern Alliance advance into Kabul until it had consulted with the Pakistani leadership.
Musharraf, Karimov and the Turkish leadership were from those who not only supported America in its threat, but provided the necessary intelligence and logistical support for America to carry out its attack upon the Muslims of Afghanistan. Gaddafi of Libya, Abdullah of Jordan were from those who publicly supported America and even gave their support for the bombing to continue during the month of Ramadhan. Others such as Bashier (Sudan) and Arafat offered their support by compiling a list of ‘suspected terrorists' in their states and handing them over to the CIA.

The Battle of Ain Jaloot - Ramadan 658 Hijri

In fact, at every stage of America's war, the agent rulers of Pakistan have spread fear as a loyal service to America, plunging us into greater dangers. In 2001, when America was without the essential means to attack Afghanistan, Musharraf spread fear within the army and the masses, in order to grant America intelligence, air bases and air corridors on the basis of "saving Pakistan." Musharraf even sidelined the brave officers who saw the grave dangers in his approach. Our situation worsened, for America then used its foothold in Afghanistan to open the doors for India to spread its mischief. Musharraf then used fear again to open the doors for American intelligence to establish offices throughout Pakistan. Again our situation worsened, for American intelligence is a terrorist organization more harmful than any other, which has caused misery, bombings and assassinations, wherever it has become entrenched, from Latin America to South East Asia. Then Zardari and his henchmen spread fear so that our soldiers are sacrificed for the sake of America's war in the tribal areas, worsening our situation yet again.

Let the blessings of Ramadhan spur us to establish the Khilafah state, with an army that will be victorious over our enemies

Thus the initial view is that in generality all objects are permitted however their use has been restricted as all actions require a Shari'ah evidence. For instance Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are allowed in Islam. However its use would require knowledge of the Shari'ah rule. ICBMs could be used for reasons ranging from legitimate deterrent measures to the illegitimate killing of innocent civilians. Islam permits the study and use of medicine, engineering, maths, astronomy, chemistry, physics, agriculture, industry, communications including the Internet, and the science of navigation and geography. This includes what results from them such as industry, tools, machinery and factories. Also included in this are industries, whether military or not, and heavy industry like tanks, aeroplanes, rockets, satellites, nuclear technology, hydrogen, electronic or chemical bombs, tractors, lorries, trains and steamships. This includes consumer industries and light weapons and the manufacture of laboratory instruments, medical instruments, agricultural tools, furniture, carpets and consumer products such as the TV, DVD, Playstation etc. The point being illustrated here is that all objects we know of past, present and future are allowed without restriction unless a Shari'ah evidence exists to definitively disallow it.

Islam's contribution to Agriculture and related matters

Alongside this the US brought together their best scientific and engineering minds. The US government identified that there was a possibility to build a fission weapon that would be a useful tool and have huge destructive capabilities. The Manhattan project was born. This project was a result of a race to be the first nation with an atomic bomb due to the strategic power it would give.

How the Khilafah will industrialise the Muslim world

America today has simply displaced these previous colonialists. America's colonial arrival was heralded by the only use of nuclear weapons on a human population the world has ever seen, when America bombed Japan twice in 1945. Followed up by the 1953 Korean War and the infamous Vietnam War, America set about to occupy the colonial space left in the aftermath of World War II by France and Britain. During the 1980s, America ravaged South America by helping to depose regimes that were hostile to it's interests. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, infamously referring to Chile and the rise of General Augusto Pinochet once said, "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."

The West's history of violent expansionism

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