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Jumat, 08 Februari 2008


Business Communication

Building Critical skills



Persuasive Messagess

  • Suatu permohonan untuk bertindak ketika kamu percaya bahwa penerima mungkin tidak tahu, tidak mengejar untung, atau enggan.

  • Suatu komunikasi untuk mencoba merubah pendapat dari seorang penerima.

  • Contoh: pesanan dan permintaan, proposal dan rekomendasi, sales dan surat permohonan dana, surat lamaran, dan laporan

  • Tujuan utama:

    • Meminta pembaca melakukan sesuatu

    • Menyediakan informasi yang cukup agar pembaca tahu apa yang harus dilakukan

    • Menanggapi keberatan yang mungkin menunda suatu tindakan penting yang harus dilakukan

    • Meminta pembaca bereaksi positif atas suatu permintaan

  • Tujuan sekunder:

    • Membangun image baik penulis

    • Membangun image baik organisasi penulis

    • Mempererat hubungan baik antara penulis dan reader

    • Mengurangi atau menghilangkan korespondensi atas hal yang sama dimasadepan

Indirect plan for Persuasive Message

      • Attention (perhatian)

        • Menarik perhatian penerima dalam kalimat pembuka (opening sentence)

        • Menyebabkan penerima membaca atau mendengarkan rest of message

        • Positif dan singkat

      • Interest (kepentingan)

  • Berdasarkan pada perhatian yang diperoleh di muka (opening)

  • Menunjukkan benefit pada penerima

  • Memotifasi penerima meneruskan reading

    • Desire

      • Berdasar pada perhatian penerima dan kepentingan dengan menyediakan bukti yang bermanfaat

      • Menekankan kembali manfaat bagi penerima

      • Downplay suatu point-point negative atau rintangan-rintangan

    • Action

  • Memotivasi penerima untuk segera mengambil tindakan

  • Be positive

  • Membuat tindakan jadi mudah

    • Contoh capturing receiver attention:

  • Your work as computer specialist has been outstanding for the past seven years. You really learned how computer systems operate while you were at the university, and you have done an excellent job in applying this knowledge to your position at Samson foods.

    • Contoh building interest:

      • As I mentioned to you last week… This DC will operate…. The DC need computer analyst who has experience in food industry. The possibility of promotion is great at our new facility, even though your transfer would not mean an immediate promotion. On a personal note, Little Rock is the capital of….

        • Contoh promoting desire:

          • The facility at Little Rock is excellent. You would be involved in planning and implementing the distribution operations for the southwest region of Samson Foods. Your moving expenses will be paid by Samson foods and you will receive a moving allowance of $1000

            • Contoh requesting action:

              • Jeri, please accept the computer analyst position in our Little Rock distribution center. Please email your reponse to me no later than August 5 at… @ ….com

Persuasive Request

                • Complex request: convince receiver to take action (meyakinkan penerima untuk mulai bertindak)

                • Contoh:

              • Seek increase in department budget (mencari peningkatan dalam anggaran department)

              • Ask for donation (meminta donasi)

              • Look for participant for a research project (mencari peserta untuk suatu proyek riset)

              • Change work schedule (perubahan rencana kerja)

              • Recruit volunteers (merekrut sukarelawan)

                • Contoh good persuasive request:

Imagine Thanksgiving without turkey or summer without a vacation

The Mountaintop Children’s Home makes sure that the 45 children who live there have those things. Mountaintop is a nonprofit organization that provides care for children who have lost their parents. A brochure describing the facilities and sevices provided at the home is enclosed.

Each year a committee consisting of one member from each department selects a charity for the Compfy Furniture employees to sponsor. This year they are asking us to pledge our support to Mountaintop. Last year the employees of Compfy generously gave $8,700 to needline, and we Mountaintop Children’s home.

Please return the enclosed pledge card by November 20. the amount you select will be deducted from your paycheck. Your contribution is tax deductible. The Mountaintop children will greatly appreciate and benefit from your generosity.


  • Merupakan pesan yang mencoba untuk membujuk penerima mengambil suatu tindakan yang diusulkan oleh pengirim.

  • Contoh:

    • Rekomendasi mengganti peralatan

    • Rekomendasi merubah kebijakan

  • Contoh a good recommendation Memo:

Allen industries has become one of the most successful businesses in the state. It has more than doubled its sales and profit in the past three years. This success is expected to continue in the future.

I agree with you that the increased volume of business has resulted in Allen Industries’s facilities being inadequate. Renovation of our facilities woule greatly benefit out company. Enlarging the facility would aid production and contribute to increased sales. Attractive, modern offices will boost the morale of our employees.

Relocation of our operation during renovation can be accomplished easily if we follow the proposed relocation plan that I have attached to this memo. Interruption of production should be minimal during the renovation process. Employees will readily accept this relocation plan because they look forward to the increased efficiency of the renovated facilities.

I recommended that you proceed with the renovation plan that you proposed.

Special claims

Merupakan pengakuan (claim) dimana kesalahan dapat dibantah dan dmeliputi masalah utama seperti masalah keuangan besar.

Contoh a good special calim letter:

Dear Ms. Coltharp,

Your dealership has provided my shop with many beautiful, authentic antique pieces during the past 15 years. On January 25, I ordered from you a Fortune Teller doll for $2,700. one of my clients wanted this doll as a valentine gift for his wife.

The mid-1800s doll is extremely rare. You advertised it as museum quality with original painted wooden features. Upon close inspection it is obvious that the doll’s paint has been touched up. This painting alteration lowers the doll’s antique value.

My client is willing to keep the doll but is not willing to pay yhe original price. He thinks that the touch-up painting has lowered the doll’s value by $300; therefore, I am requesting a refund of that amount. If a partial refund is not possible I will return the doll and expect a total refund of $2,700. please call me or fax your decision so that my client may be prompt informed.

Collection Messages

  • Stages:

    • Reminder stage (direct)

    • Past due (masa lampau)

    • Reminder (peringatan)

    • Please remit (mengirimkan)

    • Appeal stage (indirect)

    • Stronger than first message

    • Warning stage (direct)

  • Contoh a good collection message-appeal stage

Dear Mr.Tuckerr,

You take pride in your appearance because you selected our suits for your wardrobe. I know this pride extends to other aspects of your life.

You have been a valued credit customer of ours for many years, and we would like this relationship to continue. For some reason you have not responded to the reminders that we send on December 20, January 20, and February 2. your account is three months overdue.

Please send a check for $725,90 in the enclosed envelope by March 1 so that your credit reputation can remain in good standing.

  • Contoh a good collection message-warning stage

Dear Mr. Tcherr,

Your account balance of $725,90 is five months past due, and you have ignore all our collection attempts. Your failure to respond leaves us no choice but to turn the account to our attorney.

Legal action is not pleasant for either of us, but it is necessary because of your failure to respond to our previous notices. A lawsuit will be expensive and embarrassing to you.

Our attorney assures us that if your account balance is paid by april 12, no legal action will be taken; your credit reputation will be maintained. Please send the check in the enclosed envelope prior to April 12 to avoid this action.

Overcoming objections

  • Jelaskan dengan spesifik berapa waktu/uang yang diperlukan.

  • Jelaskan waktu/uang yang akan dihabiskan itu dalam konteks benefit yang akan didapatkan.

  • Tunjukkan bahwa mengeluarkan uang/waktu sekarang berarti menghemat waktu/uang dimasa yang akan dating.

  • Tunjukkan benefit bagi pihak lain

  • Tunjukkan bahwa pengorbanan dibutuhkan untuk mencapai tujuan

  • Tunjukkan bahwa anda lebih banyak memiliki kelebihan daripada kekurangan

  • Rubahlah kelemahan sebagai kesempatan

Other technique to make message more persuasive

  • Membangun kredibilitas dengan berdasarkan fakta, spesifik, dan dapat dipercaya.

  • Membangun pendekatan emosional

  • Menggunakan nada yang benar

  • Contoh penggunaan pendekatan emosional:

Parental: everyone is expected to comply with these regulation. I’m sure you can see that they are commonsence rules needed for our business.

Better: Even on casual days, visitors expect us to be professional. So leave the gym clothes at home!

Arrogant: based on evidence, I expect you to give me a new computer.

Better: if department funds permit, I would like a new computer.

Stuffy: it is requested that you approve the above-mentioned action

Better: please authorize us to create a new subscription letter.

Be specific

  • Inference (kesimpulan)

  • Vague observation (ketidakjelasan observasi)

  • Specific observation (observasi khusus)

  • Too vague (ketidakjelasan)

  • Specific (khusus)

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