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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 3

Bombs Attacking Islam – Bombings 3
Bombing Accusing Islam Bombs 3
Here is various quotations about Bombs Attacking Accusing Islam 3
5. Intelligence interests: Nairobi is a major base for the US intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI and others particularly after the 1998 bomb attack on the US embassy in Nairobi which is the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of close cooperation, the US has used Kenyan authorities to support its so-called ‘War on Terror’. Similarly the British as well as other countries including ‘Israel’ also have major intelligence bases in Kenya.

Analysis: Power Sharing Agreement in Kenya

The month of April witnessed a surge in bombings in the Maghreb region of Africa with attacks simultaneously being carried out in both Algeria and Morocco. Algeria in particular has seen a spate of attacks since October 2006 with an upsurge in violence between the Algerian regime and some of its opponents.
The former Algerian Prime Minister Dr. Abdel Hameed Al Ibrahimi conceded in 1997 to the Palestine Times that “The crisis in Algeria which was created by the military coup in January 1992 still exists and is becoming worse and more complicated... because the present regime is still insisting on using force and suppression to remain in power and to preserve the illegal benefits it gained at the expense of the general interests of the Algerian people. The regime does not want a true political solution. Instead, it insists on a military solution despite the deterioration of security and economic and social conditions in the country... As for the Islamic armed groups, they are penetrated by the military intelligence service. It is known that most of the mass killings and bombings are made by the government itself whether through Special Forces or through the local militias (about 200,000 armed men), but the government accuses the Islamists of the violence. All know that the victims of the mass killings are Islamists or ordinary citizens well known for their support of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). Bombings always occur in quarters known to be affiliated with the FIS.”

An overview of recent events in Algeria

The public outrage at the release of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, who was convicted for the bombing of the Pan Am Flight in 1988 has also led to widespread condemnation of the Libyan regime over it's handling of the release of Al-Megrahi. The US has criticised the Scottish government for releasing a terrorist on compassionate grounds when he should have served his full term for the murder of 243 passengers.

The Politics of Al-Megrahi's Release

More recently, the US attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII resulted in the deaths of over 40,000 and 80,000 civilians respectively by the end of 1945, with the radiation fallout killing and injuring generations since. It is a widely held opinion that the second of the two bombs was wholly unnecessary as Japan was on the brink of surrender. Vietnam and the Korean Wars also demonstrate direct and indirect US involvement in large scale atrocities. The UN sanctions on Iraq in the 1990's - supported by the US and her European allies - lead to over 500 000 children being killed. The current occupation has claimed the lives of an estimated one million civilians with the wide scale destruction of Iraqi society and infrastructure, and a litany of massacres such as those in Haditha and Falluja..

The US and the West has no Moral Authority to Lecture the People of Turkey on Genocide

The second stage is where society is bombarded with information of how such a development will completely change lifestyles and the way we live. The South sea bubble of 1720 reached astronomical levels when the South sea company convinced the British public that their monopoly to trade with South America meant they would return with riches and booty, a wave of ‘speculating frenzy,' sent its shares spiraling upwards as ‘life would never be the same again.'

Global financial system in complete meltdown as Capitalism collapses

Bush used bombs against the Muslim Ummah - Obama will use "Smart Power"

Russia and China are rapidly developing without following the example of Western liberal democracy. However, it is Russia, which over the last year has opted to openly challenge the West as well as the US at practically every turn, whether by planting a flag on the seabed beneath the Arctic icecap, testing the massive ordnance air blast bomb or disputing the sitting of US early-warning defence systems in eastern Europe. Russia has begun re-inventing itself as a regional power, after winning back Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from American grip and managing to stop the influence of the three revolutions in central Asia. The US after nearly 20 years of having no rival is now facing the grim prospect of a challenge from a nation with the world's largest gas reserves and substantial oil reserves.

Are we witnessing the end of US Domination?

On Pakistan: In his first few months in office, Obama's administration has succeeded in creating 3 million refugees by pushing the corrupt Zardari regime to launch a war in Swat. Even before he took office he declared Pakistan the most dangerous place on earth, and said he would even bomb Islamabad if he had to. His whole policy in the region is driven by trying to secure America's foothold in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and fighting a popular insurgency - except he has decided to sacrifice Pakistan's soldiers instead of American ones. We have even seen evidence of dirty tricks of the sort used by the CIA in Iraq or Central America, to instil hatred and division between Muslims and Obama has continued US drone attacks in Pakistan.

Obama’s words will not hide America’s ugly face of Colonialism

Zeital said:
Former President Jimmy Carter was another ‘feel good’ President. He was seemingly a peace maker, but also a supporter of terribly brutal regimes in Latin American and Iran. Now this current President shows his true credentials, as he supports bombing of villagers blowing up people to bits. He also supported the Israeli offensive in Gaza, mentioning how he would defend his daughters from attack, but makes no mention of the daughters of Palestinians caught up in the Israeli Blitz. President Obama shows his ‘Ronald Reagan’ credentials by authorising ‘deadly force’ of the coast of East Africa. President Obama also is all too pleased to support Georgia’s earlier provocations against Russia (during the bombardment of its own citizens in South Ossetia). The sabre rattling over North Korea, continued bombardment of Afghanistan, placing missiles in Poland and Czech Republic all ready do show President Obama having credentials of being as belligerent as any U.S President before his office.

Analysing Obama's Honeymoon: The End of the Beginning

Adnan said:
Since Vladimir Putin become Russian President he has managed to gain a grip on the nation and counter US attempts to weaken Russia. Today Russia is rapidly developing without following the example of Western liberal democracy. Russia has opted to openly challenge the West as well as the US at practically every turn, whether by planting a flag on the seabed beneath the Arctic icecap, testing the massive ordnance air blast bomb or disputing the sitting of US early-warning defence systems in Eastern Europe, which it has managed to successfully halt for the moment. Russia has begun re-inventing itself as a regional power, after winning back Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from America’s grip and managed to reverse the colour revolutions. The US after nearly 20 years of having no rival is now facing the grim prospect of a challenge from a nation with the world’s largest gas reserves and substantial oil reserves.

Q&A: America's Missile Defense Programme

Zardari has also accelerated US military action against Pakistan and what may be the future partition of the country. All IMF and World Bank loans need approval from the US as it's the largest shareholder in the Bretton Wood's institutes. This deal suits the US as it will now be able to extract what it has always wanted from Pakistan along the Durand line. Further IMF funding will be dependent upon Pakistan cooperating and acting as a US mercenary force along the Durand line. This loan has firmly placed Pakistan under US control. The US at the same time criticizes Pakistan at every turn with regards to its apparent support for the Taliban and not doing enough in the tribal areas. The continued bombing in Pakistani territory is in reality an undeclared war against Pakistan, that is eerily similar to how the US built the case for war against Iraq.

Zardari Bankrupts Pakistan again

Sayeef Rahman said:
If you read the article on Hindustan times following the BDR massacare, it clearly mentioned that during the BDR seige, the Indian Air Force was ready to provide assistance to Bangladesh Air Force to bomb Peelkhana!!! Why on Earth does the Indian Air Force have to come to Dhaka to Bomb the BDR HQ whereas everyone knows Bangladesh has a equipped Air Force to do that.

Bangladesh: Foreign intelligence agencies have come to secure their interests

We may ask that while the current political parties were playing out their drama of the Long March, which they claimed to be a great success, where were their voices with regards to the bombing and killing of our women and children? Where were the calls for protecting the borders and sovereignty of the nation? There have been several US drone attacks since Obama began his administration and it was recently reported that the US is planning to extend its operations to Balochistan - claiming al-Qaida is there.

The Long March to Nowhere

Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns in the strongest words the recent visit of Holbrooke and Mullen and their meetings with politicians as well as their dictations for the future of Pakistan. The meeting of opposition and government politicians with the likes of Mullens and Halbrookes who's hands are dripping with fresh blood of Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan, is not only treachery with the Ummah but rather a clear evidence that these politicians are American slaves and agents. American claims that the drone attacks will continue is a slap on the face of the government. Isn't the "writ of the government" not being sabotaged now which was so sacred to protect it that the government didn't even bother butchering and burning helpless girls of Jamia Hafsa. Moreover, Mullen's statement that Al-Qaeda leadership is hiding in Balochistan clearly indicates that America wants to expand the ongoing war against Pakistan from FATA and NWFP to include Balochistan as well. These three regions combined constitute almost half of Pakistan's area. Will Pakistan still continue to provide weapons to America in order for her to wage a war against Pakistan!? It is the most absurd and strangest war in the history of the world where a country itself is providing ammunition to its enemy to be used against its own citizens. This open treachery and shameless attitude of the rulers is mind-boggling!!! What kind of silly argument is this that America should stop the drone attack as they are not in her (American) interest? In whose interest are these rulers working, Pakistani or American!? Don't they even have an iota of self-respect or honour to say that we will no more tolerate any attacks on Pakistan. We would like to forewarn the Ummah that in the coming days America will try to produce more havoc and chaos in Pakistan with its new policy of targeting civilians with bomb blasts so that she is able to gain public support in her "war against terror". We advise the Ummah that they should not fall a prey to this American trap.

Pakistan: Those meeting with the enemies of Islam can never be sincere with the Ummah

Also, to gain the support of those who covet Islam, the government uses the term "Taleban" and states that the "Taleban" are presenting a distorted version of Islam to the world, thereby turning the world against Pakistan, the "Fortress of Islam." The government further accuses the Taleban of the bomb blasts and killing of innocent people, so as to justify the stance that she is left with no other option but to undertake military operations against them. And in the aftermath of these blasts and attacks which produce chaos and insecurity in cities of Pakistan, the government tries to convince the common man that the military operations are a must for peace.
You know that Islam has forbidden the Muslims from killing other Muslims with bombs and attacks, rather Islam directs Jihad against the occupying Kuffar. Moreover, it is crucial for you to know that these attacks and chaos will remain until we eject America's political and military presence, and its intelligence agencies, from the region. Indeed, Allah سبحانه وتعالى has prohibited the Muslims acceptance of the kuffar's influence and dominion over them,

Pakistan: O Muslims! Eject the American political and military presence from the region

Zeital said:
... we should prepare to go over to the offensive with the aim of smashing Lebanon, Trans-Jordan and Syria... The weak point in the Arab coalition is Lebanon [for] the Moslem regime is artificial and easy to undermine. A Christian state should be established... When we smash the [Arab] Legions strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan, too, and then Syria will fall”. Ben Gurion
The Achilles’ heel of the Arab coalition is Lebanon. Muslim supremacy in this country is artificial and can easily be overthrown. A Christian State ought to be set up there, with its southern frontier on the river Litani. We should sign a treaty of alliance with this State. Then, when we have broken the strength of the Arab Legion and bombed Amman, we could wipe out Tran-Jordan; after that Syria would fall. And if Egypt dared to make war on us, we would bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo. We should thus end the war, and would have settled the account with Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea on behalf of our ancestors”. David Ben-Gurion, 1948

Clinton's sensational remarks show Pakistan is the next target

Militarily the country is at war in the tribal areas. This is firstly due to the direct assaults by the US/NATO forces based in Afghanistan, which have manifested themselves in the form of missile strikes / drone attacks, cross border raids etc. Secondly, the US is utilising the Pakistan armed forces themselves to further this assault. Here the full brunt of the Pakistan military has been hurled at the tribal people in order to quell them but without decisive results. Over a thousand Pakistani soldiers have died fighting this American war against their own brethren. Further, after sustained assaults by Pakistani troops and heavy shelling by Pakistani tanks and artillery, many thousands of tribal civilians have perished and over 700,000 have been displaced. Probably topping the roll of shame is the Pakistan Air Force's (PAF) actions against its own people. Whilst the Gazan Muslims were being haplessly bombed by the Israeli air force in front of a horrified world stage earlier this year, the PAF have been busy doing the same against their own people, killing hundreds. The only difference being the complete media blackout in Pakistan, designed to hide from the public the rampant bloodshed being inflicted on the tribal people.
Make no mistake - it is the task of these entities to create disorder inside Pakistan and to stoke up unrest in the country. And they have much experience in this - their most recent project being Iraq where they have been put to use both prior to the invasion and during the subsequent military occupation of the country. They have been very much active in pitting various ethnic groups against one another, ensuring the continual of bombings and killings amongst the civilian population etc. For example it is well known now that westerners dressed up as Arabs have been caught in Iraq with substantial explosives in their vehicles, which were being placed in busy locations like bazaars at the time. Another tactic, as reported by reliable sources, is stopping innocent drivers at checkpoints. Whilst the driver is interrogated at length separately, his vehicle is carefully laden with explosives, which are hidden beneath the seats and doors. The driver is then released with his vehicle and told to proceed with urgency to a certain police station to help retrieve his confiscated paperwork. Upon reaching his destination, the explosives are then detonated remotely.

Redefining Pakistan

Someone said:
Meanwhile, American and NATO generals running the Afghan war amazingly warn they risk being beaten by Taliban tribesmen in spite of their 107,000 soldiers, B-1 heavy bombers, F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, Apache and AC-130 gunships, heavy artillery, tanks, radars, killer drones, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, rockets, and space surveillance.
Washington has spent some $250 billion in Afghanistan since 2001. Canada won't even reveal how many billions it has spent. Each time the U.S. sent more troops and bombed more villages, Afghan resistance sharply intensified and Taliban expanded its control, today over 55% of the country.
Adnan said:
This is the same model the US is applying to Afghanistan. It brought Pakistan into the war – although under Musharraf Pakistan was with the US, this was restricted airspace and bases. It made Pakistan fight the war against the Taliban by bombing the borders and hence taking its war to Pakistan. More importantly the US is actually reliant on Pakistan to win the Afghan war. Without Pakistani supply lines and its army the US would get slaughtered as it was prior to the Pakistani army intervening.

Afghanistan: Losing Hearts, Minds and The War

The explanation for this support is that Zardari could only come to power with the help of London and Washington. His amnesty was engineered in the corridors of power in Washington and London who did everything possible to get Bhutto back to power to replace the unpopular and waning General Pervez Musharraf. In return Zardari has willingly served the West's agenda of occupying Afghanistan and spreading the flames of America's ‘War on Terror' into Pakistan itself; Zardari ordered the military operations in Swat and Waziristan designed to break the back of the resistance that defies the occupation of Afghanistan. Today these operations have left more than 3.5 million people homeless and displaced. Zardari has also allowed American paramilitaries' such as Blackwater and DynCorp, fronts for the CIA, to wreak havoc in Pakistan with their covert drone strikes and orchestrated terror attacks in an attempt to build public opinion for a war that enjoys no support amongst the Pakistani people. The NRO elevated crooks and career criminals beyond their wildest dreams whilst Western governments tried to sell the lie to the Pakistani people that democracy would bring the restoration of the rule of law when in reality it placed them above the law. Who can believe then that Rehman Malik, a man convicted for corruption and in the lap of the Americans, who also continues to deny the presence of Blackwater despite all the mounting evidence, can ensure Pakistan's internal security as bombs go off with such devastating impunity? As Zardari battles to cling to power hiding behind his fig leaf of constitutional immunity despite having lost all moral authority, it is a small wonder then that Pakistanis have over joyously welcomed the prospect of Zardari and his treacherous regime being forced from power.
Manzoor-ul Haq said:
Suggestive headlines speak for the reality of the situation in Pakistan. 'Zardari's regime collaborate with America in her campaign of explosions and assassinations'; 'In order to keep the civil war going in Pakistan, American Xe Services LLC and the treacherous rulers are conducting bomb blasts all over the Pakistan'; Save Pakistan from America and Terror' and 'To quench the thirst of the "goddess" of blood, Hillary Clinton. Muslims were mercilessly slaughtered in Peshawar'.

Removing Zardari's Amnesty Cannot Purify Pakistan's Corrupt Political Culture

The misery that Muslims of Pakistan face of bombings, assassinations and insecurity has now spread from NWFP to Punjab to Sindh province. On 28 December 2009, a Muharram procession in Karachi, Sindh's capital and Pakistan's financial capital, was attacked by an explosion, resulting in the death of over forty Muslims and injury to over a hundred more. Then, organized, well-trained gangs struck for many hours, uninterrupted by the government forces. They were skilled and able to break steel re-enforced locks on closed shops with single strikes. They caused fires with a special phosphorus-based fuel, which can only be prepared in advance and with great care, such that the fires spread widely and lasted for over two days. They caused over forty billion rupees worth of damaged and bought life to a standstill in Karachi, home to over twenty million people. And this was just one of a series of thoroughly prepared attacks that have shaken Pakistan for several months, causing a huge loss of life and destruction of property.
Zeital said:
Pakistan and Afghanistan are offered this same Capitalist model, which really is a nightmarish vision of the near future (that has already happened). As Pakistan becomes depicted as a ‘Pariah State’ and the so called ‘International’ Community decry events in the Indian Subcontinent; Yemen is becoming increasingly touted as the next target for ‘pre-emptive’ war. The language for President Barrack Obama is increasingly bellicose towards Iran, resembling that of his predecessor in 2002, prior to carpet bombing Iraq from 2003. President Barrack Obama, President Sarkozy, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown speak out against the Iranian government’s crackdown on protestors and the Nuclear Enrichment Programme, whilst remaining silent on the Egyptian-Israeli blockade on Gaza. India, being touted as a regional counterbalance to China, may seek opportunism with this new found Anglo-American led N.A.T.O alliance. The BJP and Indian National Congress may seek common aim in taking advantage of Pakistan’s compromised position. Bangladesh will be practically dependent on India, whilst Indian intelligence expands in Afghanistan courting local allies.

If it is not now time for Khilafah, then when?

Karachi bomb blast - another terrorist attack by Blackwater!
By conducting bomb blasts all over Pakistan America wants to continue this war of Fitnah
Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns the bomb attack on the Muharram procession in Karachi. Everyone in Pakistan is now aware of the fact that America and its notorious private army, Blackwater, is behind these types of blasts in the universities, mosques, market places and processions. It is the same private army that openly conducted massacres and tried to inflame sectarian violence in Iraq. And today America with the help of the treacherous rulers of Pakistan is orchestrating bomb blasts all over Pakistan to provide justification for the so-called War on Terror and to build public opinion for this American war whose fuel are the tribal people and the soldiers of the Pakistan Army.
No doubt the bomb blasts in Pakistan are solely in the American interest and through them she is able to build public opinion in favour of her War on Terror. The responsibility of the Karachi blasts falls purely upon the Pakistani government who released the murderers of Blackwater after "photo-shoots" instead of putting them behind bars. They are free to roam about in all major cities with weapons and import suspicious boxes to Pakistan without any custom clearance or inspection.

Karachi bomb blast - another terrorist attack by Blackwater!

Russian warplanes on Saturday bombed two villages in the Georgia-controlled part of the Kodori gorge, cutting deep into Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia, prompting the United States to voice its concerns over the "dangerous escalation" of the crisis. Georgia approved state of war for 15 days and called for an "immediate ceasefire."
Overnight, Russian warplanes bombed the Vaziani military base on the outskirts of the Georgian capital and near the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said. He also said two other military bases were hit, and that warplanes bombed the Black Sea port city of Poti, which has a sizable oil shipment facility.

The Crisis between Russia and Georgia

On the night of August 7th alongside the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Georgia's president ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia. The aerial bombardments and ground attacks were largely directed against civilian targets including residential areas, hospitals and schools. Tskhinvali was badly damaged. The attacks resulted in some 1500 civilian deaths, according to both Russian and Western sources. "The air and artillery bombardment left the provincial capital without water, food, electricity and gas. Horrified civilians crawled out of the basements into the streets as fighting eased, looking for supplies." (AP, August 9, 2008). According to reports, some 34,000 people from South Ossetia have fled to Russia. (Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, August 10, 2008).
Russia has also moved to expand its military might; in August 2007, Russia conducted large-scale war games with China and the Central Asian states under the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). These games were widely interpreted as a warning sent by both Russia and China to America and as a show of strength against the Americans. Putin also ordered the resumption by Russian long-range bombers of patrols around the world, with the bombers being armed with nuclear missiles. These bombers will now resume the Soviet practice of flying in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As a reminder of the Cold War, the Russian bombers also flew close to the US military base of Guam in the Pacific. This development has led Russia to increase its defence budget to $42 billion in order to modernise its military forces.

The Geopolitics of the Russian-US Conflict

What is remarkable is that whilst most ordinary Europeans oppose George Bush and the American led 'War on Terror', hatred of Muslims in Europe is becoming common place. This situation has developed as European politicians have fallen over each other to condemn 'Islamic extremism' resulting in the net effect of wholesale vilification of Muslims. The level of tolerance has especially eroded after the bombings in Madrid in 2004 and London in July 2005. Governments in France, Germany, Britain and others have used these events to court populist prejudices, and thus secure electoral support, by introducing new anti-terror laws which have helped fuel the atmosphere of fear and suspicion towards Muslims in Europe. In Britain this now gives the right to the British police to hold suspects for up to 28 days without any charge, while moves are still afoot to increase this period to potentially 90 days. Yet statistics revealed by the British Home Office show that since September 2001 over 1000 suspects have been arrested, yet fewer than 50 people have actually been convicted on terrorism related offences, not all of them even Muslim, an incredulous conviction rate of just under 4%.
Compounding this situation has been the role of the European media. Frenzied headlines have helped develop a hysterical atmosphere when it comes to anything involving Muslims. The mistaken shooting of Mohammed Abdul Kahar in London in 2006 is a good example of how Muslims are treated by the media. Even before any evidence emerged, most British newspapers had Abdul Kahar already convicted, with selected leaks from the British government and Police emerging in an attempt to justify the raid. Yet it turned out that the two brothers were completely innocent. This followed the fatal shooting of the Brazilian Jean Charles De Menzies in 2005 who was killed by a Police marksman because he was suspected of being a Muslim 'suicide bomber'. He too it eventually emerged was completely innocent.

An insight into life for Muslims in the west

The war on terror has already seen the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; the green light given to Israel to carpet bomb civilians in Lebanon, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, extraordinary rendition, and the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of thousands.

Insulting Islam is another front in the war on terror

It is for this reason the US initiated operation Cyclone - the code name for the United States CIA programme to arm the Mujahideen in 1981. The US initiated multiple programs for training Jihadi groups in techniques such as car bombings, assassinations and engaging in cross-border raids into the USSR. The Islamification process was deemed necessary for the US as the Soviet invasion was seen as a potential threat to the Persian Gulf. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provided the money and resources, and the ISI of Pakistan utilized these in fighting a guerrilla war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Although the US left the region in 1989, after Soviet withdrawal, it left Pakistan to pick up the mess. It is here Pakistan fits into the Eurasian jigsaw.

The Struggle for Eurasia

However Russia is using various styles to reassert its power. In May 2007, Russia for the first time in many years, flew [9] long-range bombers almost in to British airspace. This was a practice common in the Cold War, when Russia would test the defences of its opponents. Following this, in the next two months Russia managed to force the British oil firm BP to sell [10] its controlling stake in the giant Kovykta gas field to the Russian State-owned Gazprom, thus further increasing its grip on its own natural resources. Also in June 2007, Russia revealed the true nature of the American missile defence shield by offering [11] to help the America build and maintain the system. America was silent on this joint proposal by Russia, thus showing that the missile defence shield is indeed aimed also at Russia. The led Russia to announce [12] in July 2007 that it would end its participation in a key European weapons treaty. In early August there was a spate of tit for tat diplomat expulsions [13] between Russia and Britain as their relationship continued to worsen.
All of this has resulted in Russia moving to expand its military might. In August 2007, Russia conducted [14] large-scale war games with China and the Central Asian states under the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). These games were widely interpreted as a warning sent by both Russia and China to America and as a show of strength against the Americans. Putin also ordered the resumption [15] by Russian long-range bombers of patrols around the world, with the bombers being armed with nuclear missiles. These bombers will now resume the Soviet practice of flying in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As a reminder of the Cold War, the Russian bombers also flew close to the US military base of Guam in the Pacific. The latest development is that Russia has announced [16] an increased defence budget of $200 billion to modernise its military forces.

The resurgence of Russia and its implications

Iraq has witnessed one of its bloodiest periods in recent weeks when four car bombs devastated two villages of the Yazidi, a Kurdish religious sect, near the city of Mosul, that left at least 250 people dead and hundreds more injured.
Fighting between different militias has seen market places bombed, mosques destroyed and thousands kidnapped and tortured. What was once a mosaic of religious tolerance where Muslim and non-Muslim, Sunni and Shia, Arab and Kurd lived together side by side for centuries has now deteriorated in to mayhem and violence.
As reported in the New York Times, "An analysis of the 1,666 bombs that exploded in July [2006] shows that 70 percent were directed against the American-led military force, according to a spokesman for the military command in Baghdad. Twenty percent struck Iraqi security forces, up from 9 per cent in 2005. And 10 percent of the blasts struck civilians, twice the rate from last year." [2]
[2] Michael Gordon, Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker, "Bombs Aimed at G.I.'s in Iraq are Increasing" New York Times, August 16th 2006

Resolving the sectarian problem in Iraq

5) As part of a huge increase in military spending the administration has requested monies for ‘bunker busting’ weapons to be used in its Stealth bombers as means to destroy underground facilities and storage sites. This has been widely interpreted as a signal to target Iranian nuclear facilities. In addition a second US navel carrier has recently been deployed in the Gulf region.

Is a US attack on Iran now more or less likely?

In essence, the plan was for permanent U.S. military and economic domination of every region on the globe, unfettered by international treaty or concern. To make that plan a reality, it envisioned a stark expansion of its global military presence. And so it was on 16 March 2003, the moment the neocons around President George Bush had worked so long for was about to arrive, the United Nations weapons inspectors were advised to leave Iraq within 48 hours, and the "shock and awe" bombing campaign began on 20th March.
The very ideals of freedom, democracy and human rights that the US administration promotes have been violated by themselves. These have included the torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib, the Haditha killings of 24 civilians, the use of white phosphorous on the civilian population of Fallujah , the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl and the murder of her family in Mahmoudiya, and the bombing and shooting of civilians in Mukaradeeb.

Iraq and the end of the American empire

Since Saturday afternoon 27/12/2008 Israel has been brutally bombing regions in Gaza from the air. The people of Gaza have been resisting the aggression with their bare chests, carrying their souls on their palms, in bravery that has few comparisons. Many were martyred and hundreds have been wounded. The planes of the enemy patrol the airspace in security, without the fear of being brought down by a missile or of facing an enemy plane, because the rulers in the Muslim lands have placed a 'curfew' on our armies and our aircrafts, and have made them to be only for display and decoration! Thus the planes of the yahood have free reign over Palestine as they bomb men and stones, without fear of any harm!
These rulers committed a grave sin when they transferred the issue of Palestine from being an Islamic issue to being an Arab issue and than a Palestinian one. Now they stand by as neutral spectators, nay as spectators biased to the enemy. When the enemy inclines to aggression, as in the current massacre of Gaza, these rulers monitor the intruder aircraft, prepare the dead and wounded, and then compete with one another in expressing sorrow and in condemnation of the aggression. All these rulers co-operated in the boycott of Gaza, whether silently or openly, and now they all express their sorrow and condemnation. Even the ruler of Egypt from whose castle, on the eve of the aggression, (the Israeli foreign minister) Livni threatened and promised the attack on Gaza, and on the next day the shelling and bombing of Gaza began, only for this ruler (Mubarak) to express his sorrow and condemnation towards the aggression!

Mobilising the armies to fight is the only duty of the rulers in response to the massacre of Gaza. Otherwise they betray Allah, His Messenger, and the Believers.

And as for these rulers who are looking on as pure blood is spilled in Gaza of Hashim (named after the grandfather of RasulAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم), they neither mobilize the armies nor launch rockets and bombers, but instead they prevent the volunteer fighters from fighting...! Yet they fall head over heels to endorse the resolution that prohibits weapons and the means of strength for Gaza and ensures the Jewish army's occupation of it, may Allah fight them for what they do.

Gaza UN Resolution 1860 is a disgraceful slap in the face of the rulers in the Islamic Lands

As the Israeli aggression continues against the Muslims in Gaza, Muslims and many non-Muslims across the world have demonstrated against the atrocities committed by the Zionist entity. As images continue to be beamed across the world of dead bodies dumped outside hospitals and the bombing of schools, even the influential pro-Israeli elements in the media are finding it difficult to justify Israel's aggression. Attempts by some to secure a ceasefire are falling on deaf ears as the US continues to stand in the way of such actions.
It has been speculated that the US has also provided Israel with "bunker buster" bombs, which would be used to target the leader of Hizbollah and destroy its trenches. The US has also jointly developed the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile Program. The world's only national operational missile defence system designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. The Arrow is the most advanced missile defence system in the world. The development was funded by both Israel and the United States. Not only does the Arrow protect Israel, it has also provided the US the research and experience necessary to develop additional defensive weapons systems.
In July 2006 the United Nations Security Council rejected pleas from Lebanon that it call for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported the US was the only member out of the 15-nation UN body to oppose any council action at all. The US provided Israel with precession guided bombs which the British government denied any knowledge of landing and refuelling at British airports.

Israel - the spoilt child of the west

3. Apart from the clandestine cooperation between the two countries to secure American interest in the region-ranging from supporting Hamas and Hezbollah in the Levant, strengthening the Iraqi government and fighting Sunni and Shia resistance fighters, to stabilising Afghanistan-official contact has gradually grown over the past year or so. The Bush administration has progressively taken a number of steps to prepare the ground for Obama to complete the normalisation process. For instance the presence of the highest ranking US official, William Burns in the Geneva talks with Iran came after a series of meetings between the two countries. Another is the administration's announcement to establish a U.S. diplomatic mission in Tehran to facilitate people to people contact. America has also snubbed Israeli advances to attack Iran. America played down Israel's show of air power over the Mediterranean a few months ago, and has refused to sell the powerful GBU-29 bunker-busters bombs.
4. Despite the continuous imposition of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme, the West is nowhere close to halting its enrichment programme. This is because America has deftly exploited the five year old negotiations between the EU-3 and Iran to coax the Europeans into a protracted discussion over Iran's nuclear ambitions. Furthermore, America has added fuel to the fire through the bravado of the neoconservatives and doggedness of Ahmadinejad, which has resulted in an atmosphere of war and created perpetual tensions in the region. By doing so, America has gained a strategic advantage by persuading the Gulf Arab countries to acquire nuclear energy, by nudging the Israelis into a security pact and by permitting Iran to divert its civilian programme to build atom bombs. On 12/12/2008 the US State Department announced that United States was close to concluding a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates. The so-called 1-2-3 agreement would be similar to the nuclear cooperation accord the United States reached with India in 2005. It would allow the United States to sell nuclear fuel, equipment and technology to the UAE. Similar agreements are being pursued with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. [6] In summary, America is working towards the nuclearization of the Middle East.

Update on US-Iranian relations

Within three years, over 10,000 had died in a national Iraqi uprising against the British rulers, who gassed and bombed the insurgents. On the eve of 2003's invasion of Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins echoed Maude in a speech to British troops. "We go to liberate, not to conquer,"[2] he told them.
Bush argues that the majority of the violence is not targeted against the occupying forces but against Iraqis themselves. However, previous studies have suggested that as much as 90 per cent of bombs were targeted at the American occupation forces.[18] A Pentagon report to the US Congress revealed that more than 60 per cent of attacks of all kinds on US and foreign troops, Iraqi security forces, civilians or infrastructure were directed against US and Iraqi government targets.[19] Civilians were the targets of just 15 per cent of attacks, although they did constitute the majority of the victims of the violence.
The New York Times also reported that "An analysis of the 1,666 bombs that exploded in July [2006] shows that 70 per cent were directed against the American-led military force, according to a spokesman for the military command in Baghdad. Twenty percent struck Iraqi security forces, up from 9 per cent in 2005. And 10 percent of the blasts struck civilians, twice the rate from last year."[21]
4 David Omissi, "Baghdad and British Bombers" The Guardian, January 19th 1991
20 Michael Gordon, Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker, "Bombs Aimed at G.I.'s in Iraq are Increasing" New York Times, August 16th 2006

Bush's Surge Strategy in Iraq has failed

Despite the continuous imposition of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme, the West is nowhere close to halting its enrichment programme. The US has exploited the five year old negotiations between the EU-3 and Iran to coax the Europeans into a protracted discussion over Iran's nuclear ambitions. Furthermore, America has added fuel to the fire through the bravado of the neoconservatives and doggedness of Ahmadinejad, which has resulted in an atmosphere of war and created perpetual tensions in the region. By doing so, America has gained a strategic advantage by persuading the Gulf Arab countries to acquire nuclear energy, by nudging the Israelis into a security pact and by permitting Iran to divert its civilian programme to build atomic bombs. In December 2008 the US State Department announced that the US was close to concluding a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates. The so-called 1-2-3 agreement would be similar to the nuclear cooperation accord the United States reached with India in 2005. It would allow the United States to sell nuclear fuel, equipment and technology to the UAE. Similar agreements were also being pursued with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In summary, America is working towards the nuclearization of the Middle East.
Aside form all the rhetoric, the US and Iran have cooperated on a number of issues which has protected American interests in the region These include supporting Hamas and Hezbollah in the Levant, strengthening the Iraqi government through the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) and stabilising Afghanistan. Official contact has gradually grown since the end of the Bush term. America even snubbed Israeli advances to attack Iran. America played down Israel's show of air power over the Mediterranean in November 2008 and has refused to sell the powerful GBU-29 bunker-busters bombs.

The Politics of Iran's Nuclear programme

Away from the public bickering over the effectiveness of the phased adaptive approach, one cannot help but notice that America is most interested in resetting its relations with Iran and not Russia. New revelations about Iran's diminished missile capabilities now set the stage for the normalization of relations between Tehran and Washington. Downplaying the Iranian threat last month, Robert Gates said, "the intelligence community now assesses that the threat from Iran's short- and medium-range ballistic missiles...is developing more rapidly than previously projected" and "the threat of potential Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles capabilities has been slower to develop than was estimated in 2006." Gates sudden reassessment follows a familiar pattern frequently employed by US officials to downgrade the peril of Iran's military assets-whenever the situation most demanded it. Previously, under the Bush administration, the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) revised its estimate from 2010 to 2015 the date by when Iran would possess and atomic bomb. Additionally, and more significantly, the NIE claimed that Iran had abandoned plans to weaponize its nuclear programme in 2003. NIE claims were a severe below to Israeli plans to attack Iran, and at the time was widely derided by officials of the Jewish State. At the end of last year, America also refused to sell Israel advanced versions of its bunker-busters bombs and downplayed Israel's show of air power over the Mediterranean. America's lack of support to its most trusted ally in the region clearly underscores that American intentions towards Iran are not nefarious at all.

Resetting US relations with Iran

The demonstrations that have filled the news stories of the West represent those who want change due to Ahmadinejad's economic failures. He has reneged on all his economic promises and created an economic bomb that will go off at any time. Ahmadinejad's 12th June 2009 election victory is seen by many in Iran as a continuation of such failed policies. Ahmadinejad has done nothing for the 3 million unemployed. While the catalyst for these demonstrations was an election, the election issues were the economy and unemployment. The Western media continues to propagate that the demonstrators represent Iranian public sentiment, but they fail to see the economic legacy that haunts the people of Iran.

Understanding the current anti-government protests in Iran

Italian Invasion
In October of 1911, Italian battleships reached the shores of Libya. The Italian's fleet leader, Farafelli, made a demand to the Libyans to surrender Libya to the Italians or the city would be destroyed at once. The Libyans fled, but the Italians attacked Tripoli anyway, bombing the city for three days and thereafter proclaiming the Libyan population in Tripoli to be "committed and strongly bound to Italy." The event marked the beginning of a series of battles between the Italian occupiers and the Libyan Omar Mukhtar's forces.


Between the 17th and 20th Centuries, massive developments were made in scientific thought. In the field of Physics, Isaac Newton established his laws of Motion and Gravity; the Atomic bomb was produced; Einstein, Bohr and Planck contributed to quantum mechanics and Edwin Hubble's discoveries led to the formulation of the Big Bang theory. In the field of Chemistry, Mendeleev added newly discovered elements to the Periodic table and Watson and Crick proposed the double stranded helix structure of DNA.

Why has the Muslim world made no Contribution to Science and Technology?

In Afghanistan, Karzai, remaining true to the democratic model of politics and refused to take any responsibility for the continuous bombings of Afghan civilians by the US. For example, earlier this month, the US bombed the Farah province killing 140 people, which included 95 children. The US initially blamed the deaths on the Taliban, but locals in the area reported that the Taliban had left 2 hours earlier. Instead of taking concrete steps to prevent such attacks, Karzai simply sent feeble complaints to his American masters - just as he did in August 2008 when the US bombed Azizabad killing 90 people - just as he did when the US bombed a wedding in Herat in November 2008 killing 40 people.

Democracy: The Politics of Deceit

Whereas a question and answer service which exists in different forms across the Muslim world would be a welcome tool for the ummah, unfortunately this service fits into a whole host of initiatives which serve only to distort and reform the Ummah's understanding of Islam. Not content with bombarding the Ummah with constant criticism and debate, labelling the ummah as extreme and moderate, the Western world has increased its efforts to pacify Muslims by using scholars to convince us of a new pliable Islam. This would mean the Ummah would see no difference between Islam and western values, believing in values such as national pride rather than the bond of ummah and democracy the rule of man over hukum shari - the rule of Allah سبحانه وتعالى.

Egypt's 'Islamic Hotline' (El Hatef) is a tool for reforming Islam

These are however the least of Pakistan's worries. When General Pervez Musharraf placed Pakistan at America's disposal in the war on terror on the basis that Pakistan would be bombed back to the stone age, the US has today spread it war to Pakistan, US army, secret service and military commanders have all been deployed in Pakistan. The Pakistani army who was originally assembled to defend the people of Pakistan, today they are actively engaged in fighting the people they have been defending.
Before 9/11 there were no suicide bombs in Pakistan, there was no war with the Taliban and there was no militant problem. 30 years ago America supported these same groups by calling them ‘mujahedeen', ‘freedom fighters' in order to fight the Soviet Union. America lit this fire in the first place.

On Pakistan's 62nd Anniversary, is there anything to celebrate?

The constant vilification of Islam by the media today has produced similar results as in the time of the Prophet (saw). The minds of the public have been bombarded with negative images of Islam that have resulted in many wanting nothing to do with Islam – a religion seen as hateful and oppressive. In the Bouchard-Taylor report, a woman described, "In 2007, in Quebec, when a Muslim women wears the veil, I tremble."

The Media: Quraysh and Now

The Israeli massacre in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 people and injuring over 5,000. Amongst the dead are over 300 children. The damage caused by the 22-day bombardment is estimated to be $2 billion. As the ruins in Gaza smoulder, stories of atrocities continue to emerge.
Palestine: An Ongoing Tragedy
The latest events of Gaza highlight the importance of resolving the issue of Palestine. The recent slaughter serves as a painful reminder of the many other massacres that have occurred at the hands of Israel. For example, Israel killed over 20,000 people in the span of 4 months when they bombed Lebanon in 1982. This compares to 21,182 Jews that died in creating the criminal state of Israel over a 120 year period (i.e. from 1882 to 2002)[1].
A Call From Gaza
The following excerpt is from a letter sent by our sister Umm Taqi from Gaza during the bombing:

Lessons from the Tragedy of Gaza

H Khan said:
"You're either with us or with the terrorists" - was the ultimatum from Bush – to which Musharraf capitulated on the spot by aligning his nation without consulting the government or its people and allowed US Special Forces as well as refueling and medical evacuation facilities, to be based on Pakistani soil thereby facilitating their war on Afghanistan. Under Musharraf’s tenure the Pakistani air bases hosted approximately 57,800 bombing missions (sorties) on the Muslims across the border for which he collected a financial reward from the CIA, as confirmed in his book “In the line of fire.”
Musharraf justified his policy by saying US threatened to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” unless it joined the fight against al-Qaeda. This has now been exposed as a fantastic lie as Pakistan itself supplies 80% of the fuel & logistics to enable the Americans to commit mass murder in NWFP in an undeclared war on a nation that [in the blink of an eye] has been refashioned from “the most important ally” to being the “crucible of terrorism” and “posing a mortal threat to the security and safety of the world.”
There is no difference in being friend or foe if the enemy is hell-bent on bombing you “back to the stone age.” It was also a folly of the mainstream politicians and influential commentators who at the time allowed themselves to be easily convinced and then became the mouthpiece for such hollow threats from the US.

The Ummah: On the Path to Revival

When it comes to technology Islam’s initial view is that in generality all objects are permitted however their use has been restricted, as all actions require a Shari’ah evidence. For instance Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are allowed in Islam. However its use would require knowledge of the Shari’ah rule. ICBMs could be used for reasons ranging from legitimate deterrent measures to the illegitimate killing of innocent civilians, something Islam forbade. Islam permits the study and use of medicine, engineering, maths, astronomy, chemistry, physics, agriculture, industry, communications including the Internet, and the science of navigation and geography. This includes what results from them such as industry, tools, machinery and factories. Also included in this are industries, whether military or not, and heavy industry like tanks, aeroplanes, rockets, satellites, nuclear technology, hydrogen, electronic or chemical bombs, tractors, lorries, trains and steamships. This includes consumer industries and light weapons and the manufacture of laboratory instruments, medical instruments, agricultural tools, furniture, carpets and consumer products such as the TV, DVD, and the Sony Playstation etc. The point being illustrated here is that all objects we know of past, present and future are allowed without restriction unless Shari’ah evidence exists to definitively disallow it, and this is limited to a few limited objects.

Islam is relevant for all times and places

Political ineptitude, greedy politicians selling the interests of people for personal gain, economic instability, daily suicide bombings and foreign inspired militancy have brought Pakistan to the brink of destruction.

Can Nationalism Save Pakistan?

20% of the European Union will be Muslim by 2050
Twenty percent of the European Union will be Muslim by 2050, according to forecasts cited in a Telegraph report this week. The current figure, according to the article, sits at five percent, and will be pushed up due to immigration, and low birth rates among native Europeans. The article noted that the UK, Spain and Holland would hit the 20% mark faster. According to the London-based newspaper, experts have criticized lawmakers' failure to address this "demographic time-bomb." They called for a discussion on how these demographic changes would affect "areas of life from education and housing to foreign policy and pensions."
US targets Pakistan's nuclear arsenal
Pakistan's nuclear facilities have come under attack from the Taliban and other groups and there is a ‘genuine' risk militants could seize weapons or bomb-making material, an article published in a West Point think tank newsletter said. The Combating Terrorism Center, which is housed at the US Military Academy at West Point, published the article in the July edition of its ‘Sentinel' newsletter, copies of which were distributed widely on Tuesday. Written by Shaun Gregory, director of the Pakistan Security Research Unit at the University of Bradford in Britain, the article detailed three attacks against Pakistan's nuclear facilities, and warned that sites in the country may be vulnerable to infiltration. ‘The risk of the transfer of nuclear weapons, weapons components or nuclear expertise to terrorists in Pakistan is genuine,' the article said.
Gregory wrote that Pakistani forces guarding the facilities underwent a selection process to keep militant sympathizers out. For added protection, warhead cores are separated from their detonators, and these components are kept in underground sites. Some 8,000 to 10,000 members of the Pakistani army's Strategic Plans Division and other intelligence agencies are involved in providing security and monitoring, he said, citing interviews with Pakistani and French officials. ‘Despite these elaborate safeguards, empirical evidence points to a clear set of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Pakistan's nuclear safety and security arrangements,' Gregory wrote. Pakistan is believed to have stockpiled approximately 580-800 kg of highly enriched uranium, sufficient amounts to build 30-50 fission bombs. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimated in 2007 that the Pakistani arsenal comprised about 60 warheads.

Views on the News - 12 Aug 2009

A string of incidents, from a suicide bombing in Uzbekistan in May to gun battles with suspected militants in Tajikistan this summer, have heightened fears that the predominantly Muslim region may be sliding out of control. Tensions have been high along the poorly-delineated border between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan since the suicide bombing, with Tashkent unilaterally building up its defences along the border. For its part, Kyrgyzstan has deployed troops to shore up its border with Tajikistan, which shares a broad and poorly-guarded border with Afghanistan.

Views on the News - 11 Sep 2009

Nuclear weapons were first created during the Second World War. During any war effort is made to expel the enemy, for these nations the time of war spend huge sums on efficient and destructive weapons. In America within the Manhattan project the first nuclear bomb was created. Soon after much to the surprise of the rest of the world the USSR detonated their first nuclear bomb, the US was hoping to use this new weapon to draw concessions from the Soviets however with the Soviet Union developing their own bomb, nuclear technology became a level playing field.
The arms and space race between the US and USSR to gain supremacy through not only stockpiling weapons but also the creation of new technologies including the hydrogen bomb and space exploration. This arms race grew to dizzying heights to the point that it ensured ‘mutually assured destruction' (MAD), where each country was able not only to launch a devastating weapon but could also attack again after being hit, therefore each had ‘second-strike' capability. Military capability grew to such a level that both sides chose to refrain from attacking the other.
Zeital said:
Following the U.S.A successfully developing, testing, and using nuclear weapons, the U.S.S.R followed suit in having its own nuclear capabilities. The U.S.S.R was a state completely ravaged by the German invasion bringing complete destruction over mostly European Russia. The Soviet Union bore the brunt of the terrible Nazi onslaught and Operation Barbarossa saw most of the German war effort directed against the Soviet Union. Ultimately the Nazi War Machine saw its back broken by four years of futile warfare as the Soviet Union (or generally Slavic people) spared no sacrifice to win a war of their very survival. Aside the visible conflict, the German scientists and engineers had developed a programme of developing highly advanced ‘wonder weapons’ and also a nuclear weapons programme. In part the U.S nuclear weapons programme was developed due to a fear of the Nazi regime successfully developing nuclear bombs first. Before World War Two broke out, plenty of physicists fled Germany and Central Europe taking their expertise across the Atlantic for the Manhattan Project.
The U.S.A was the only nation to emerge wealthier and stronger after World War Two. The old European empires were exhausted after two world wars and the U.S.A became leader over the Western Hemisphere. American institutions had excellent facilities for research and development into nuclear physics, aeronautics, rocketry, telecommunications, and computing. However, the U.S.S.R was state to be able to chart a course independent of the post-war order dominated industrially, militarily, and financially by the U.S.A. The Soviet Union developed space and missile technologies which grew out of the Military-Industrial Complex, forging advancements in aeronautical and naval applications placed the U.S.S.R on an even level with the industrial colossus that was the U.S.A. Under Nikita Khrushchev the Soviet Union came to an agreement with the U.S.A over their respective spheres of influence. The Soviet Union would actually expand its nuclear inventory whereby it had more nuclear weapons than the U.S.A. Most of the Soviet nuclear arsenal was based on ballistic missiles launched from a range of platforms (such as land based silos, nuclear submarines, aircraft), whereas the U.S.A had a numerical advantage of long range bombers which regularly patrolled near the Arctic. The U.S.A developed its nuclear missiles to be launched from submarines and supersonic aircraft.

Nuclear weapons - the ultimate bargaining chip

So what if Muslims account for only 3 percent to 4 percent of the EU's total population of 493 million? In his book Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Can Europe Be the Same With Different People in It? - Caldwell writes: "Of course minorities can shape countries. Another worry is the growing Muslim population in Europe." Caldwell claims in his book, "have a long track record of underestimating their vulnerability to ‘primitive' ones". As the London Daily Telegraph, quoting Caldwell, asserted last weekend, Britain and the EU have simply ignored the "demographic time bomb" in their midst. Caldwell is convinced that "Muslim culture is unusually full of messages laying out the practical advantages of procreation." Many Western thinkers are advocating radical measures to deal with this problem. Bruce Bawer, whose book While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within suggests that European officials, who are "in a position to deport planeloads of people everyday", "could start rescuing Europe tomorrow".
UK pushing for an attack on Iran
This week MI6 intelligence Chief Sir John Scarlett has been told that Saudi Arabia is ready to allow Israel to bomb Iran 's new nuclear site. The head of MI6 discussed the issue in London with Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Saudi officials after British intelligence officers helped to uncover the plant, in the side of a mountain near the ancient city of Qom. The site is seen as a major threat by Tel Aviv and Riyadh . Details of the talks emerged after John Bolton, America 's former UN ambassador, told a meeting of intelligence analysts that "Riyadh certainly approves" of Israel 's use of Saudi airspace. Foreign Secretary David Miliband acknowledged that the danger of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East was "particularly potent" and refused to rule out military action altogether but he insisted: "We are 100 per cent focused on a diplomatic solution." Gordon Brown, US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have warned Iran's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he must allow in weapons inspectors or face more sanctions.

Views on the News - 1 Oct 2009

Israeli ambassador to Turkey pelted with eggs
Twenty Turkish students were arrested after they bombarded the car of Israel's ambassador to Turkey with eggs. Gabi Levy had arrived to deliver a lecture at the Karadeniz Teknik University in the Black Sea port of Trabzon when he was confronted with Wednesday's protest. The university students, who were reportedly protesting Israel's military offensive in Gaza last winter, shouted "Israel is a murderer," the Hurriyet Daily News reported.During a visit by Levy on Tuesday, a local Turkish mayor in a nearby town condemned Israel's "policies of expansion and occupation" and said that self-defense should not involve "killing children," according to Hurriyet. Israel-Turkey relations have grown tense since the Gaza war, with Turkey under US instructions taking the lead in some international forums in demanding that Israel be held accountable for alleged war crimes. Last month Turkey prevented Israel from joining a NATO-alliance military exercise that ultimately was cancelled due to Israel's exclusion.

Views on the News - 5 Nov 2009

Pakistan is also expected to sacrifice its troops - the sons of this noble Ummah - for the sake of America's brutal occupation of Afghanistan. This is in addition to the lives that will be lost from America's bombing campaign conducted by its unmanned drones.
The arrangement of "paying-off" the local ruling class is routine amongst the colonial capitalist nations. Take, for example, the submarine deal between Pakistan and France. A French company was hired to build submarines for the Pakistani army. In 2002, 11 French engineers who worked for this company were killed in a bomb blast that occurred in Karachi, Pakistan. Initially, the blame was put on Al-Qaeda. However, an investigating judge from France claims that the bombing actually traced back to a deal-gone-sour between the French government and the Pakistani government. The judge alleged that the Pakistani army killed the French nationals because France stopped paying "commissions" to Pakistani army officials on the sale of submarines.

Foreign Aid: The Path to Slavery

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