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Jumat, 06 Juni 2008

Pesan Bisnis persuasif

1. Menganalisa Situasi Komunikasi

2. Menentukan Tujuan Primer dan Sekunder

1. Menganalisa Penerima Pesan

1. Memilih Tipe Pesan

3. Membuat Outline Isi Pesan

4. Membuat Draft Pesan

5. Mengedit dan Merevisi Pesan

6. Proofread Pesan

Menentukan Level Kosakata

Being Ethical


1. The Golden Rule

4. The Four-Way Test

Assuring Legality

Persuasive Messages

A persuasive message is (1) a request for action when you believe the receiver may be unknowing, disinterested, or unwilling, or (2) a communication to try to change the opinion of the receiver.

Receiver will have to be convinced that it is in their best interest to take action.

Examples: request, recommendation, special claim, sales, collection, and employment

Use the Indirect Plan for Persuasive Messages

The indirect plan assists in convincing a receiver to take action à It enables the sender to present first the benefits that the receiver may gain from fulfilling the request

The indirect plan conditions a receiver to accept the message.

The you-viewpoint should be used.

Purpose of a persuasive message:

Purposes of a persuasive message are (1) to have receiver consider entire message and then (2) to take requested action.

How to Use the Indirect Plan

Implementing the Indirect Plan

Persuasive Requests


A recommendation is a message that attempts to persuade the receiver to take an action proposed by the sender.

Recommendations should use indirect plan.

Examples of recommendations:

Recommendation to advise the firm to replace obsolete equipment

Recommendation to change company policy

Special Claims

Special or nonroutine claims are those in which the fault is disputable. The sender may need to convince the receiver that the adjustment or refund is appropriate.


Simple or routine à direct approach

Special or nonroutine à indirect approach

Sales Messages

Sales messages come in many different form: letters, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, radio and TV commercials, and billboards.

Before you compose a sales message, know the product or service you are going to sell.

Collection Messages

Collection messages are designed to collect money and retain goodwill.

Collection messages are written in three stages:

Reminder stage

Appeal stage

Warning stage

Each stage is progressively more persuasive.

The reminder stage is for customers who forgot to pay.

The appeal stage must effectively persuade the receiver.

It is written in a positive, courteous one.

The warning stage is the last opportunity for a customer to pay an account.

Collection Messages

Reminder stage à direct approach

Appeal stage à indirect approach

Warning stage à direct approach

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