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Selasa, 25 Desember 2007

pembuatan keputusan konsumen

Consumer Decision Making

Chapter 16

  • Decision : The selection of an option from two or more alternative choices.

  • Levels of Consumer Decision Making :

  1. Extensive Problem Solving

Consumer have no estabilished criteria for evaluating a product category or specific brands in that category or have not narrowed the number of brands they will consider to a small, manageable subset.

  1. Limited Problem Solving

Consumer already have estabilished the basic criteria for evaluating the product category and the various brands in the category.

  1. Routinized Response Behavior

Consumer have some experience with the product category and a well estabilished set of the criteria with wich to evaluate the brands they are considering.

  • Models of Consumer : Four Views of Consumer Decision Making :

  1. An Economic View

To behave rationally in the economic sense, a consumer would have to :

  • Be aware of all available products alternatives.

  • Be capable of correctly ranking each alternatives in terms of its benefits and disadvantages.

  • Be able to identify one best alternative.

  1. A Passive View

  • Consumer are perceived as impulsive and irrational purchasers, ready to yield to the aims and arms marketers.

  • Fails to recognize that the consumers plays an equal, if not dominant, role in many buying situations.

  1. A Cognitive View

- Consumers are viewed as informational processors.

  1. An Emotional View

  • Moods are also important to decision making because it impacts on when consumers shop, where they shop, and whether they shop alone or with others.

  • A Model of Consumer Decision Making

  1. Input

    • Marketing Inputs

    • Sociocultural Inputs

  2. Process

    • Need Recognition : occur when consumer is faced with a “problem”.

    • Prepurchase Search : begins when a consumer perceives a need that might be satisfied by the purchase and consumption of a product.

    • Evaluation of Alternatives :

  • Evoked Set : refers to the specific brands a consumer consider in making a purchase within a particular product category.

  • Inept Set : which consist of brands the consumer excludes from purchase consideration because they are felt to be unacceptable.

  • Inert Set : which cocsist of brands the consumer is indifferent toward because they are perceived as not having any particular advantages.

  • Criteria used for evaluating brands

  • Consumer decision rules : often referred to as heuristics, decision strategies, and information-processing strategies, are procedures used by consumer to facilitate brand choices.

  • Compensatory : a consumer evaluates brands

  1. Output

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